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The Ultimate Guide for Wavy Curly Hair: 2A, 2B, and 2C

May 27, 2022


Verna Meachum

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Curl care

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product reviews

Last Updated on September 5, 2022 by Verna Meachum

The artistry of hair care can come with its own set of difficulties. Like any other uniquely patterned structure, it can require a lot of time, patience, and practice to get them how you like.

Once you’ve established your curl type and understand how to care for your mane, you’re left to sift through hundreds of products.

But for those with true and strong wavy curls, it can be hard to know what products are the best to achieve defined curls that retain their wave.

Get the best out of your wavy hair and put these formulas to the test to see if they deserve a spot in your curly girl hair care routine.


While shopping for hair products, you’ve probably noticed labels marketed towards “dry hair,” “fine hair,” etc.

But, what do these labels mean, and how do you know what category your hair type falls into?

Your hair type is determined by a number of genetic factors. No hair types are “bad,” they just require different cuts, styling techniques, and products to look their best.

It’s important to have an idea of your hair type in order to choose the right cut, style, and products for your hair.

Most people nowadays use a hair typing system as a guide, which can make things confusing. But, while the curly type system is not an end-all-be-all or one-size-fits-all guide, it’s a helpful place to start when trying to understand your hair.

Even if the hair typing system isn’t perfect, many individuals have discovered that this set of guidelines can be quite beneficial in assisting you in determining your curl pattern(s), as well as which products will work best for your hair.

Many times, our hair problems and bad hair days are simply caused by using the wrong products and techniques for our hair type.

What is Wavy/Curly Hair?

Naturally Curly’s Curly Hair Scale focuses on curly hair as such;

  • Type 2 Wavy – 2A, 2B, 2C
  • Type 3 Curly – 3A, 3B, 3C
  • Type 4 Coily – 4A, 4B, 4C

Each hair type is classified into three subcategories that demonstrate the distinct patterns present in curly hair. The sub-classifications – from A to C – are based on the diameter of the wave, curl, or coil.

Most of us curlies will fit into one or more category/sub category, which is normal.

How is wavy curly hair different from other types of hair textures?

Wavy hair is classified as type 2 on the Curly Hair Scale. The wavy hair pattern is present in all types of hair textures, from fine to coarse.

The main difference between wavy and curly hair is that wavy hair has a definite S-shaped pattern, ranging from loose to tight with the texture ranging from fine to coarse.

Curly hair has a more defined spiraling pattern, from loose loops to springy corkscrews.

Thus, wavy curly hair is a type of curly hair that is more loose, with a less defined spiral pattern.

The Curly Girl Method

The Curly Girl Method (aka CG method), created by Lorraine Massey, is a set of guidelines for people with wavy, curly, and coily hair. It is a brand new way of thinking and caring for your hair.

The goal of the Curly Girl Method is to help you understand your hair and how to take care of it so that you can achieve healthy, frizz-free curls.

The Curly Girl Method is based on the premise that a lot of the hair products on the market contain ingredients that are bad for your hair, such as sulfates, drying alcohols, mineral oils, wax, and silicones.

According to Massey, these ingredients can cause build up, which can lead to frizz, tangles, and dryness.

Also, no shampooing with silicone based shampoos or conditioners when it comes to the Curly Girl Method.

Instead, curly girls are encouraged to use a cleansing conditioner (or co wash) to cleanse their hair. She suggests using water soluble products that disclose their ingredients, also avoiding synthetic fragrances in your products.

Another thing to avoid is using heat styling tools, as they can damage your hair over time.

If you can find the right sulfate free and silicone free products, and use them consistently for about two months, you will start to see a difference in your hair.

Your hair will be softer, more manageable and hydrated, and less frizzy.

The curly girl method is all about a three step simple process which is; cleanse, condition, and style.

To learn more about the curly girl method, you can get the book on amazon pretty easily.

Wavy Hair Routine for 2A, 2B, and 2C

Now that we know what wavy hair is and how to take care of it, let’s talk about wavy hair routines.

The first step in taking care of wavy hair is to understand what your hair needs.

Wavy hair is generally more dry than straight hair, so it is important to find products that will hydrate and nourish your hair.

  1. Get a curly cut. One of the best things you can do for your wavy hair is to get a good haircut. A good haircut will help your hair look its best and make it easier to style. A good wavy haircut will have layers that help to remove weight from the hair, as well as help define and add shape to your wavy curls.
  2. Avoid heat styling. Heat styling tools can damage your wavy hair, so it is best to avoid them, if possible.
  3. Use a diffuser. A diffuser is a great way to dry your wavy hair without damage. A diffuser will help to evenly distribute the heat, so that your hair dries more evenly and with less frizz.
  4. Use a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners are a great way to add hydration and moisture to your wavy hair. They can help to detangle your hair, as well as add shine and softness.
  5. Deep condition. Deep conditioning your wavy curly hair is a great way to add moisture and hydration. It is best to deep condition your hair once a week, or as needed.
  6. ClarifyClarifying your wavy curly hair can help to remove build up and residue that can cause your hair to look dull and feel heavy. Clarifying your hair will also help to remove any product build up, so that your hair can better absorb moisture.

Tips for Styling 2a 2b 2c Curls

There are a few different ways that you can style your wavy hair for maximum definition and curl clumping waves!

Scrunch method

To do this, simply apply your styling product and gel to wet hair, then scrunch your hair with your hands to help define your waves. Once you have done this, you can either let your hair air dry or diffuse it.

Squish to condish method

This step happens right after you shampoo and condition your hair, and it’s done with your head upside down.

To do this:

  1. While upside down, detangle your hair with your fingers or with you favorite detangling tool.
  2. Apply hair products to wet hair then squish it into your hair with your hands.
  3. To prepare your hair for styling products, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner to your hair with a a lot of water and scrunch your hair until it you see clumps forming together.
  4. Micro plop your hair for a few minutes by using an old cotton T-shirt. This method will help your waves dry faster, and help keep its natural shape.
  5. Then, apply your styling products.
  6. Diffuse your hair on medium to low heat.

Pineapple method

This is a great way to preserve your wavy hair overnight. To do this, simply gather your hair into a loose ponytail on top of your head, then secure it with a satin/silk scarf or scrunchie. In the morning, you can remove the scarf or scrunchie and shake out your hair.

Apply products to soaking wet hair

Apply products to soaking wet hair.  This will help your wavy hair to better absorb the product and will help define the waves.

Some wavies prefer to apply styling products on soaking wet hair, while others prefer to apply styling products to damp hair.

Some people prefer to apply the products while standing up, while others like them when their heads are turned upside down.

Get the best out of your wavy hair and put these methods to the test to see if they deserve a spot in your wavy hair care routine.

How Can I Make Type 2 Hair Curlier?

If you have wavy hair, you may sometimes feel like your curls are more of a bother than anything else.

Wavy hair can be difficult to style, and it can often appear frizzy or unruly. If you are looking for ways to make your wavy hair more curly, there are a few things you can do.

If your hair was affected by heat straightening tools or harsh chemicals, it produced loose wave curls.

Go for deep conditioning treatments and protein masques to revive your wavy locks back to its natural state.

Eventually, your damaged hair will shift into more wavy or curlier hair.

You can also train your hair with the finger coiling method.

  • Start with damp, clean hair and section your hair into small subsection.
  • Create a small coil by wrapping your hair around your index finger (or use a Denman brush) in a clockwise direction.
  • Repeat this process until all of your hair is in small coils.

You can also use a diffuser to help wavy hair become more curly.

  • To use a diffuser, start with clean, damp hair. 
  • Apply a curl-enhancing product to your hair and then place the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer.
  • Start at the roots and work in small sections, moving the diffuser up and down your hair as you go.

For more tips on how to make your wavy hair curlier, check out this blog post.

Wavy Hair Products

It may be difficult to figure out which hair products are ideal for creating defined waves that keep their shape.

If you’re looking for the best products for 2a/2b hair, 2a/2c hair, or whatever combination of wavy texture you have, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wavy hair products to help get you started and so that you know what to look for next time you are in the market for wavy hair products.

Wavy curly hair product - Aussie miracle waves conditioner

Aussie Miracle Waves Hemp Conditioner  

The proof is not only in the name but in the formula!

Made with Kakadu plum and Australian hemp seed extracts, Aussie Miracle Waves Hemp Conditioner offers wavy curly hair with ultimate softness and moisture while fighting frizz.

As a duel hydrator and definer, this gives your waves everything it needs without weighing curls down. Set yourself up for a great hair day with a texture-perfection product.

Wavy curly hair product - Jessicurl daily conditioner

Jessicurl Daily Conditioner

Keep your curly waves in check from moisture to length and everything in between with this Jessicurl Daily Conditioner.

Made with aloe and infused with coconut oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil, this conditioner is designed to strengthen the hair for optimal length and nourishment.

Wavy curly hair is known for roller coaster seasons of growth, but this conditioner helps to prevent breakage and therefore retains the length you want to preserve.

Wavy curly hair product - Olaplex 8 moisture mask

Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask  

When dealing with curly wavy hair, there’s no such thing as adding too much volume.

The Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask uses a bond-building technology that adds body and shine while also improving manageability.

Just one treatment can help you rebuild your curls for defined and healthier-looking waves that you’ll be proud to show off any time of the year.

Steer clear of split ends, frizz, and flyaways when you incorporate this mask into your routine.

Wavy curly hair product - Bouncecurl deep conditioner

Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner

For a more natural approach to achieving greatness for curly wavy hair, the Bounce Curl Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner focuses on formula as a priority.

Made with a clean list of natural and plant-based ingredients, this deep conditioner offers a clean path toward moisturized and smooth hair.

While still being lightweight, the benefits are undeniable with just one use. Even the peachy scent will make you feel like you’re doing something right for your waves. 

You can use this as a regular conditioner or deep conditioner, depending on your needs.

Save some money by using ‘muse’ at the checkout.

Wavy curly hair prodcut - Briogeo curl charisma creme

Briogeo Curl Charisma Crème

When you have curl waves, it’s only a matter of time before humidity strikes. Keep your spirals free from frizz and frozen with definition with the Briogeo Curl Charisma Crème.

Infused with rice amino acids and avocado oil, this crème works overtime to help your curly wavy hair retain moisture and reduce frizz.

The added bonus is that this product has an extra creamy texture that is lightweight, so it doesn’t ever flake or feel sticky.

Let your curls work their magic!

Wavy curly hair product - Living Proof volume and texture spray

Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray

Your waves deserve instant volume and texture when they need it most. The Living Proof Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray offers a “light as air” approach to styling curls.

If you hate whenever your hair falls flat, create volume that lasts with a spray that doesn’t let you down. Especially if your hair rejects different crèmes or gels, try this product for better results.

Best of all, it doesn’t leave a waxy residue like other texture sprays and is a true game-changer for how you style.

Whether you like to incorporate braids or extreme body, you won’t be disappointed with this spray. 

Wavy curly hair product - Pattern Beauty argan oil serum

Pattern Beauty Argan Oil Hair Serum

The Pattern Beauty Argan Oil Hair Serum is formulated with a remarkable blend of Argan Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Oil and Shea Oil.

This serum offers the ultimate nourishment for your curly wavy crown. With recorded results in just 14 days, exceed expectations for overall health and strength.

This carefully crafted serum narrows into the hair follicles, which is especially important for those who suffer from dryness and thinning stemming from various scalp concerns.

By helping to seal the hair shaft and prevent dryness, this product works in overload for curly wavy strands.

Wavy curly hair tool - cantu double lift pick

Cantu Sturdy Double Lift Pick

If you’re a curly girl with waves, you may be looking for new ways to bring your hair to new heights.

While still maintaining definition and shine, the Cantu Sturdy Double Lift Pick is a small win for every wavy-haired beauty.

Instead of using your fingers to fluff and volumize, causing friction and frizz, this hair tool elevates your style to create more body and the desired look you want to achieve.

Gently lift hair away from the scalp to form a rainbow effect of fullness and texture.

You can even refresh throughout the day without drying your hair out with constant touching.



Is wavy hair a type of curly hair?

Yes, wavy hair is a type of curly hair.

Is wavy hair curly or straight?

Wavy hair is curly hair.

Is 2a hair considered wavy?

Yes, 2a hair is considered wavy.

Does the Curly Girl Method work on wavy hair?

Yes, the Curly Girl Method can work on wavy hair.

Are gels good for wavy hair?

Yes, gels are very good for wavy hair. Gels will help to define your curls and hold them in place. Here is a list of 25 best gels.

Curl care

 We treat our blog with a curious, open-minded, and customer-focused attitude. We ask lots of questions about everything.

We think that people should take what information they need and leave what they don't. We suggest things we enjoy and believe are worth your attention.

Above all, we value your trust above anything else. We're so glad you’re here!

Hi,I'm Verna

product reviews

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