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Be Beautiful. Be Natural. Be You.

Our Core Principles and Ethical Commitment

We’re deeply committed to being your trusted guide for all aspects of curly hair care. Whether you’re looking for curl care education, product recommendations, or styling tips, every piece of content we produce undergoes a rigorous evaluation process. Our ultimate question: “Will this guide someone in making an informed and confident decision about their curly hair?”

Trusted Writers and Credible Sources

Our writers are more than mere conveyors of information; they are experts in the field of curly hair care. They approach their content with a discerning mindset, always prioritizing authority, expertise, and reliability.

Expert-Backed Guidance for Your Curly Journey

We focus on quality over quantity, curating content that truly matters to you. We continually seek feedback from our community to ensure we’re meeting your needs and addressing your concerns.

To ensure the utmost accuracy and effectiveness of our content, we consult with seasoned hairstylists, hair scientists, cosmetic formulators, and other specialists. Every tip or recommendation is backed by expert input, so you can trust that the information is both reliable and current.


Each article undergoes a meticulous fact-checking process by our team. We verify every piece of information using reputable sources. If a claim lacks direct expert backing, we transparently cite evidence from credible sources.

Article Update and Corrections

To maintain transparency and relevancy, each article features its original publishing date and most recent update date. We review and update our articles periodically, whether to correct errors or to refresh the content to reflect the latest industry trends.

The field of curly hair care is ever-changing. We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our content to reflect the latest research and trends. Your feedback is invaluable; if you notice any outdated information, please contact our senior editor, Verna Meachum, at

Our Approach to Linking

To enrich your experience, our articles include strategically placed internal and external links. Internal links guide you to explore related topics, while external links, often to Amazon or other affiliate sources, offer additional information about specific products.

Selecting and Recommending Products

Diversity in Curl Types:
Curls exhibit a vast array of patterns, from graceful S-turn waves to tight coils, often coexisting on the same head. Acknowledging the evolving nature of curls, we strive to meet the unique needs of various curl types. As the landscape of curl care continues to evolve with new and exciting products, our selection will expand to embrace this diversity.

Ingredients Crafted for Curls:
To ensure the utmost expertise in ingredient selection, I rely on the guidance of my esteemed friend—a Cosmetic Formulator with a PhD in Chemistry, specializing in curly hair care. Understanding the delicacy of curly strands, we focus on products that contribute to hair integrity, be it through hydration, antioxidant protection, protein rejuvenation, or other curated elements designed with your curls in mind.

Personal Vetting and User Insights:
Every product featured undergoes rigorous scrutiny, with a meticulous examination of ingredients and formulation. Personally tested in my own hair care routine, these products not only meet my standards but also benefit from the insights of my hair scientist friend—an expert in curly hair care with a deep understanding of the science behind it. Additionally, user reviews play a pivotal role, offering valuable insights into the day-to-day experiences of individuals using these meticulously selected products.

Giving Credit: Our Citation Policy

We attribute every video we publish, clearly stating the name or social media username of the content creator. Whenever we include facts not original to us, we cite or quote from the original sources to lend credibility and depth to our content.

Use of AI

We sometimes use advanced AI technology to enhance the readability and comprehension of our scientific content, ensuring that complex concepts are accessible and beneficial to a broader audience.

Your Feedback Matters

We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our community. If you have thoughts on how we can improve, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

Your trust and satisfaction drive us to continue delivering curated, expert-backed, and continually updated content. At The Mestiza Muse, your unique curls are our priority.