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2C Hair: 13 Frizz Control Strategies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Image of frustrated woman with her 2c frizzy hair.

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2C hair has more defined waves than type 2s and comes close to curly hair. Its texture is often dry and frizzy, and managing the frizz can be frustrating.

However, many solutions exist to reduce it and make it more manageable. Here are 13 frizz-control strategies for 2C hair.

  1. Use Glycerin-Based Shampoo
  2. Wash Your Hair Less Frequently
  3. Hydrate Your Hair
  4. Use Frizz-Control Products
  5. Rinse with Cold Water
  6. Use a Diffuser
  7. Apply a Serum
  8. Use a Microfiber Towel
  9. Detangle with a Wide-Tooth Comb
  10. Avoid Touching Your Hair
  11. Try Co-Washing
  12. Style Wet Hair
  13. Sleep with a Satin Pillowcase

Is 2C Hair Frizzy?

Image of 2c frizzy hair.

2C hair is typically frizzy, a by-product of textured hair due to genetics, humidity, dryness, and other factors.

You can read more in detail about frizz, its causes, product suggestions, and solutions in my blog called, “Frizzy Curly Hair: Causes and Solutions.” Generally, the curlier your hair, the more frizz is present.

Since 2C is closest to curly hair, it suffers similar damage and conditions as curl types. That often includes out-of-control frizz.

Those “spikes” make your hair appear unruly, are a sign of damage, and are difficult to manage. That means you must address the frizz to reduce and eliminate it.

How to Control Frizz on 2C Hair

Image of glycerin in a bottle.

Below are 13 strategies that you can implement on your 2C hair to help control frizz:

1.    Use Glycerin-Based Shampoo

One of the primary causes of frizz is humidity. An ingredient in hair care products used to help protect your hair against humidity and reduce frizz while deeply hydrating it is glycerin.

Shampoos can often strip the natural oils from your hair, making you more susceptible to frizz.

We recommend adding glycerin to your shampoo in your wash routine, such as Bounce Curl Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, INAHSI Soothing Mint Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, or INNERSENSE Organic Beauty – Natural Hydrating Hairbath Shampoo. As a humectant, it is ideal for water retention in your hair.

When your hair has sufficient moisture, the little spiky strands won’t stand up thirsty, looking for water, creating frizz.

2.    Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

On the discussion of washing your hair, try to reduce the frequency of wash days. Overwashing and shampooing can dry your hair and scalp.

It can also lead to damage, such as dryness and breakage, resulting in frizz. Less frequent wash days reduce the chance of frizz.

3.    Hydrate Your Hair

Hydration is the holy grail for most hair textures. But hair types like 2C that have wavy and curly patterns require a little extra moisture because they tend to be on the dryer side. 

Leave-in conditioners, oils, masks, protein treatments, and deep conditioners can all nourish and moisturize your hair. This smooths and softens your strands, feeding it with health and reducing frizz and the appearance of it.

5.    Rinse with Cold Water

A hot shower always seems dreamy and relaxing and somehow helps you feel cleaner. But did you know that hot water can dry your hair and soften your follicles, resulting in hair loss, breakage, and frizz?

You should know that your 2C hair is not the biggest fan of steamy showers.

If you love a hot shower, no problem, enjoy it. But for the safety and health of your hair, rinse your hair with cool or lukewarm water right before stepping out of the shower.

If you can handle it, cold water is best. This will seal your hair cuticles, provide shine, and reduce the formation of frizz.

6.    Use a Diffuser

Leaving your hair to dry naturally is best and healthiest for your strands. However, add a diffuser if you must use a hair dryer, especially during winter. This will dry your hair more evenly without causing it to fly in all directions, which is how frizz often occurs.

7.    Apply a Serum

Serums, such as the CURLSMITH – Full Lengths Density Elixir, are luxurious liquids that make you feel like you are doing the most. But guess what? They do actually provide that benefit.

Applying a serum after styling your hair smooths it and flattens any frizz. It also protects your hair against humidity, preventing frizz from showing up.

8.    Use a Microfiber Towel

The thing you need to know about traditional cotton and polyester towels is that they are not the best for your hair. They tug on your strands and can cause a lot of frizz.

The best solution is to switch to microfiber towels or soft cotton t-shirts. They are gentler on your 2C waves and reduce frizz.

9.    Detangle with a Wide-Tooth Comb/Curly Hairbrush

Firstly, you should avoid brushing your 2C hair once it’s dry. That will create frizz and make your hair look disheveled and unruly.

But using regular brushes even when your hair is wet can have the same effect. Curls and waves like 2C need detangle brushes or wide-tooth combs.

Gently use your wide tooth to comb through your strands while your hair is wet, targeting the bottom first. Work your way upwards. This will significantly detangle and help control frizz by reducing its occurrence due to over-manipulation.

10. Avoid Touching Your Hair

It is a natural, subconscious motion for humans to touch their hair and run their fingers through their strands every few minutes.

It also happens when you are nervous, excited, or find yourself looking in a mirror. However, these random – or purposeful – touching of your hair leads to frizz.

That happens because you are disturbing the strands as they relax after styling. If you notice that you touch your hair a lot, try to make yourself more conscious of it and decrease or avoid the action entirely to control the formation of frizz, especially after you have already styled your hair.

11. Try Co-Washing

The revolutionary approach of co-washing has changed the game for individuals with textured hair. While it is recommended primarily for people with type 3-4 curls, anyone struggling with extreme dehydration and excessive frizz can benefit.

Co-washing refers to conditioner washing. That means you don’t use shampoo since it can strip your hair’s natural oils, leaving it drier and frizzier.

Using conditioner only to wash can help restore moisture soften, and smooth your hair as you nurse your hair back to health.

12. Style Wet Hair

Styling your hair wet will help control the frizz that occurs once your hair is dry. Working with dry hair often makes a mess of your hair, especially when managing waves and curls.

Use your hydrating and styling products, and place your hair as you want when damp. This will help to reduce frizz.

13. Sleep with a Satin Pillowcase

Like traditional towels, traditional cotton and polyester pillowcases adversely affect your hair. They are drying and cause friction and tugging on your strands while you sleep. This can result in you waking up with frizz and messy waves.

Try switching to satin or silk pillowcases. They are much gentler, they don’t dry your hair, and other than helping you control and reduce frizz on your 2C waves, they also help preserve your pattern overnight. Plus, they are also better for your skin!


Frizz is frustrating and can make your hair appear untidy and damaged. Controlling frizz on your 2C hair won’t feel daunting if you follow the abovementioned strategies.

Using these techniques will also help maintain the overall health of your hair by retaining hydration and preventing hair loss.


I’m just a girl who transformed her severely damaged hair into healthy hair. I adore the simplicity of a simple hair care routine, the richness of diverse textures, and the joy of sharing my journey from the comfort of my space.

My mission? To empower others with the tools to restore, and maintain healthy hair, and celebrate the hair they were born with!

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