Righteous Roots Oils and Its Benefits

March 30, 2018


Verna Meachum

Righteous Roots Oils

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Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Verna Meachum

I’d like to think of myself as a little bit of an oil connoisseur. I love trying new oils and experimenting with different blends, especially when it comes to my hair care routine.

I use them for everything from cooking, skincare, and hair care. They are versatile and can be used in so many different ways.

In today’s blog, it’s all about Righteous Roots Oils.

I was introduced to this brand a few years ago and I have been loving their oils ever since. I love using it to massage my scalp, as a pre-poo treatment, and as a hot oil treatment. It has a really calming scent and helps me unwind after a long day.

If you’re looking for an all-natural, high-quality oil, then Righteous Roots Oils is the brand for you. Their oils are affordable, versatile, and best of all, they work wonders on all hair types.

The oils in Righteous Roots Oils are broken down as follows.

Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Coconut oil - benefit of righteous roots oils

Packed with rich medium fatty acids (caprylic, lauric, capric), vitamins, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal properties and rich in antioxidants.

The molecules are quite small which helps with absorption for conditioning and moisturizing benefits.

If you have dandruff or dry hair, the fatty acids in the coconut oil help improve these conditions. When coconut oil is used on the scalp it helps fight infections, fungus, and supports hair growth.

According to the Journal of Cosmetic Science, coconut oil out performs sunflower oil and mineral oil and is the only oil that reduces protein loss.

The lauric acid has a low molecular weight and is able to actually penetrate the hair shaft.

Coconut oil also helps to tame frizz by penetrating into the curls.

Ricinus Commmunis (Jamaican Black Castor) Oil

Many of castor oil’s benefits come down to its chemical composition. It’s classified as a type of triglyceride fatty acid and is a mixture of several different fatty acids.

The major component is ricineic acid with the remainder being comprised of oleic, linoleic, stearic and other acids.

Castor oil is known for its emollient and lubricant properties as well as film-forming capabilities. The chemical structure helps it act as a humectant, so that it attracts water to the hair.

It contains antifungal, antibacterial properties that can clear up dandruff and scalp infections. It also contains omega-6 fatty acids to make hair shine.

Oleacea (Olive) Oil

Olive oil - benefit of righteous roots oils

It has omega 3 fatty acids, alpha-linoleic acid, vitamin E (an antioxidant and lipid protector with the ability to keep strands moisturized) oleic acid, palmitic acid and squareness. These are all emollients which are compounds that make hair soft.

Researchers have found that olive oil plays an important part in protecting hair from physical damage.

Persea Americana Mill (Avocado) Oil

It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid), plant sterols (betasitosterol), palmitic acid (emollient properties). It helps to soften hair without a greasy or sticky residue, promotes the growth of shiny hair).

Stearic acid (has cleansing properties that purge dirt, sweat, and excess sebum from hair and skin, condition, and protects hair from damage).

Oleic acid maintain softness, suppleness, stimulates growth, eliminates dandruff.

Alpha-linolenic acid, archidic acid and gadoleic acid have emollient properties.

Beta-carotene, lethicin, minerals and vitamins A, C, D, B6 and E.

It also strengthens, nourishes hair.

Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil

Grape seed oil - benefit of righteous roots oils

Researchers have discovered that this oil can help defeat the hormone dihydrotestosterone(DHT), which stops the hair follicle growth cycle. It can help stimulate hair growth.

Contains more vitamin E than olive oil. Its components are: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Stearic acid, Palmtic acid, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Oleic acid, Linolenic acid, Flavonoids like oligomeric procyanidin (primarily known for their antioxidant properties).

Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Oil
It can help retain natural hair color and minimize hair loss. It can also prevent premature graying. It helps circulate the blood in the scalp and thereby promotes hair growth.

It’s also highly penetrative which helps heal chemical damage and supplies nourishment to your hair shaft and follicles.

The anti-bacterial effects of the sesame oil can help eliminate pathogens or foreign bodies than can attack your scalp or hair.

It helps relieve dry scalp, dandruff and hair loss. It has high levels of antioxidants.

It’s components include minerals such as:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Protein that strengthen the hair from the root and deeply nourishes
  • Vitamins
  • Phytosterols
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Topcopherols and unique class of lignans such as sesamin and sesamolin

Properties found in sesame oil have been shown to protect scalp and hair from up to 30% of UV rays (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Simmondsia Chinesis Seed (Jojoba) Oil

Jojoba oil - benefit of righteous roots oils

Its unique characteristic is that it closely resembles sebum so it acts as a natural conditioner.

This oil can seep into the hair follicles and dissolve sebum build up, clearing up blockage and facilitating the growth of new hair.

It contains vitamin E, vitamin B complex, antifungal and anti inflammatory properties.

Replenishes the moisture and improves the texture of hair.

Treats dry scalp and gets rid of dandruff.

Adds shine and softens hair.

Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vital nutrients.

Packed with antioxidants, omega 6 fatty acids and linoleic acid.

When applied externally, tricopherol from the vitamin E helps to boost cell production while promoting healthy skin and hair.

It also helps to tame frizz and fly-ways.

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint)Oil

Peppermint oil - benefit of righteous roots oils

A native plant to Europe. It is shown to increase blood flow to the area where it is applied.

Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil

Helps stimulate hair growth. According to Dr. Josh Axe, Rosemary oil is one of the top essential oils for hair thickness ad growth.It’s used to increase cellular metabolism which stimulates growth.Research shows that Rosemary oil appears to work as well as minoxidil.Other benefits include, slowing the graying process, and treating dandruff and dry scalp.

Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf (Tea Tree) Oil

There are approximately 327 scientific studies to support the antibacterial power of this oil alone. Tea tree oil has been proven to be very beneficial for the hair and scalp. It has the ability to soothe dry flaking skin and remove dandruff.

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