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How to Control Frizz in Men’s Curls

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Infographic image showing the back of a man's curly hair with three picks nestled at the top of his head and information about managing frizz in men's curly hair.

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Frizz is the arch-enemy of curls. Anyone with curls knows it takes a special height of patience and effort to manage those little danglers. Men with curly hair suffer the same frustration, and with more guys embracing their natural curls, the question that holds the most weight is how to control frizz.

  1. Wet Styling
  2. Silk/Satin
  3. No Touching
  4. Hair Oil/Serum
  5. Hair Spray
  6. Anti Humidity Products
  7. Cold Water Rinse
  8. Condition and Moisturize
  9. Embracing Nature
  10. Ditch Terry Towels
  11. Diffuse your Hair

There are several methods to control frizz, which we discuss in detail below. Not all these techniques will work for everyone, but you can try most of them and find what works best for your hair care routine, your curly hair type, and which tips are most effective in decreasing frizz on your curls.

These 11 tips will help men with curly hair control frizz:

1. Follow the Wet Styling Method

Styling your hair when wet reduces frizz because it allows for an even distribution of curl products like curl cream, leave-in conditioners, gels, etc. This technique helps to lock the moisture in and prevents moisture loss (a cause of frizz). Simply apply your products after your shower.

You can wet your hair by dipping it upside down in a bowl, running it under the tap or handheld shower, or using a spray bottle to dampen it on non-wash days. Your hair should not be soaking wet, so gently squish the excess with a microfiber towel first.

2. Invest in Silk/Satin Accessories

Materials like traditional cotton and polyester for pillowcases are terrible for your hair. They dry out your hair and cause rubbing and tugging, which result in frizz. Switch to silk or satin pillowcases. Additionally, accessories like satin bonnets, scrunchies, lined hats, etc., help to reduce frizzy curls.

3. No Touching After Styling

It is tempting to run your hands through your hair. Guys often do this as an enticing or natural gesture. While it may be attractive, it can be damaging. It shifts your hair out of place, loosens your curls, and releases those tiny hairs back into the wild. Train yourself to do away with that habit.

4. Apply Hair Oil/Serum

An excellent way to reduce frizz is by gently applying a small amount of hair serum or oil to your styled hair. This will nourish your curls and set down any danglers popping up. Simply rub a drop of oil or two in between your hands and run your fingers through your strands.

5. Use Hair Spray

Hair spray works fantastically to control frizz, even on guys with shorter hair. A small spray will settle your frizz. You can even spray your hairbrush and gently run the brush through your strands for longer hair. It will also keep the frizz away all day long.

6. Get Anti-Humidity Products

Anti-humidity products are a great investment if your hair is prone to frizz or you live in humid conditions. They are available in all types of hair care, from shampoo to conditioner, curl creams, and even styling products. These products combat humidity and reduce frizz drastically.

7. Cold Water Rinse

Hot water makes for a delicious shower but can severely damage your skin and hair. Hot water dries your hair and scalp. It weakens your roots, causing breakage and frizz. A cold-water rinse at the end of your shower is effective in sealing the hair follicles and eliminating frizz.

8. Condition and Moisturize

Conditioner is super important. Yes, even for guys. And no, a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is not effective. Conditioning after shampoo helps to soften and smoothen your strands, help define your curls, and reduce frizz by ensuring your hair is well moisturized and protected from humidity.

9. Try out Co-Washing

Frizz will likely be more visible if your hair is super coarse, dry, brittle, and damaged. Sometimes, reducing shampoo or switching to gentler sulfate-free options is not enough. You may have to try co-washing instead. This is a conditioner wash and is a lot gentler and moisturizing.

It will significantly reduce frizz because there are no ingredients (like shampoo contains) that can strip the oils from your hair and scalp or dry out your hair more. A co-wash maintains hydration and helps the hair to remain soft and smooth, resulting in an overall decrease in frizziness.

10. Use Leave-In-Conditioner

Conditioner in the shower is essential, but you will be surprised at how necessary a leave-in-conditioner can be. It moisturizes your curls, protects them from humidity and environmental toxins, and smoothens your hair. Your hair remains soft as it dries sans any frizz.

11. Ditch Terry Towels

Like traditional pillowcases, terry towels have the same effect of drying your hair and causing rubbing and tugging that lead to breakage and frizz. Switching to microfiber towels is a better option as they are gentler on your strands, reduce frizz, and even help keep your curls defined.

12. Diffuse your Hair

Men’s hair is often shorter and dries quicker, so hair drying is overlooked. But using a diffuser after styling will set in the products, help seal the cuticles, and maintain your style without the frizz. Diffusing holds the hair in place and smoothens your strands. So, frizz becomes a distant memory.

13. Embrace Nature

You can learn to control frizz. But frizz is inevitable if you have hair on your head, especially curly hair. Embracing the nature of your natural hair and all that comes with it, like frizz, helps to overcome the frustration of dealing with them and the disappointment when they don’t settle.

Finding ways to manage your frizz even when they are not cooperating helps you accept that it is part of your routine. Carrying a small container of ant-humidity serum to tame your frizz when out or a head cover for humid and rainy days will truly simplify your life instead of attacking your hair.


Frizz is not fun and can put you down when it messes up your good hair days. Men with curly hair often struggle with this most. With the above tips and techniques, you can easily manage your little danglers and enjoy good hair days daily.


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