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The Best Hair Sprays For Curly Hair That Keeps It All In Place

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Photo of the best hair sprays for curly hair

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Say goodbye to the days of the traditional hairspray leaving your curls sticky, crunchy, and untouchable (we’ve all been there!). The latest formulations of hairspray are a game-changer, especially for those with curly hair (wavy hair included!). They offer exceptional hold and style retention while keeping your curls soft and completely touchable. Even if you have fine hair that typically gets weighed down by hair products, these modern hairsprays will keep your curls looking fresh and fabulous.

The best hair sprays for curly hair should provide hold and definition without sacrificing the natural bounce of your curls. It should help control frizz, lock in moisture, and maintain the shape of your curls throughout the day. Finding the perfect hair spray for your curly hair can be a game-changer.

In this guide, we’ve curated a selection of top-notch options, so you can confidently choose the one that suits your unique needs. A curly hairspray doesn’t have to be “alcohol-free” because not all alcohols are created equal in hair products.

Some hairsprays may contain small amounts of alcohol as solvents for other beneficial ingredients. The key is to look for the right hairspray products that balance the use of alcohol types carefully and incorporate conditioning agents and moisturizers to counteract any potential drying effects.

1) Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist

This hairspray acts as both a hair treatment and styling product. It is formulated with natural oils and plant extracts to protect and repair damaged or dry hair.

The formula contains shea butter, which softens and conditions hair without weighing it down. This lightweight spray mist can be applied throughout the day to tame flyaways as needed and will leave your hair feeling smooth and silky.

This product also offers heat protection to prevent damage on days you want to style your hair with heat!

2) Bounce Curl Hair Spray

The Bounce Curl hair spray is excellent for maintaining soft curls and effectively minimizing stubborn flyaways. It provides a gentle light hold for your curls, ensuring good hold throughout the day.

This product contains no silicones or sulfates and is safe for color-treated hair. If you’re looking for an alcohol-free hairspray for curly hair, then this is the one.

Before using a blow dryer, apply this product to protect your hair from dryness and frizz.

To use:

  1. Apply 3-4 sprays.
  2. Diffuse.
  3. Spray some more directly onto your roots.
  4. Then, use your hair pick.

Voila! You’re left with gorgeous and voluminous curls. I honestly believe this is the best volumizing hairspray for curly hair, hands down. A little goes a long way!

3) Rizos Curls Volumizing Hairspray

This volumizing hairspray is great for those rainy and humid days! This is also an alcohol-free spray that helps minimize frizzy hair without weighing down those gorgeous curls. The product will add shine to your hair without making it look or feel greasy.

With ingredients such as red algae and argan oil, you can rest assured your hair will get the nourishment it needs while protecting it from environmental damage.

4) amika Fluxus Touchable Hairspray

This is another great option for flexible hold. This offers a long-lasting hold while keeping your curls touchable, brushable, and movement restrictions-free. It helps minimize frizz and adds a lustrous shine without leaving any crunch or residue.

amika fluxus touchable hairspray
$26.00 ($3.17 / Ounce)
Buy at Amazon Buy at amika
03/21/2024 12:24 pm GMT

5) Ouidad Curl Last Flexible-Hold Hairspray

This hairspray is designed to lock in your curls while minimizing frizz; this spray offers a resilient hold without leaving your hair feeling dry or crunchy.

Infused with the natural benefits of hydrolyzed oat protein and sunflower oil, the formula hydrates and smooths your curls. These key ingredients work synergistically to offer dual-action frizz control and moisture retention, leaving your hair shiny and touchable.

Perfect for giving fine hair a voluminous lift, this hairspray can also be layered for a more intense hold without weighing your hair down. Trust this hairspray to keep your tresses controlled, hydrated, and luminous throughout your busy day.

6) Innersense I Create Finish

If you’re tired of dealing with frizz and undefined curls, let me introduce you to this game-changing organic hairspray. This spray delivers on multiple fronts and is suitable for all hair textures and curl types.

Infused with honey, lavender, and rice amino acids, it not only tames frizz but also provides much-needed moisture. As a bonus, these natural ingredients can help combat dandruff and even hair loss.

For that perfect finishing touch, a quick spritz will give your curls a glossy sheen and unbeatable definition. Trust me, it’s a must-have in your haircare arsenal.

7) Curl Keeper Tweek

This product is the first-ever hairspray made in cream form. As a result, you get all the benefits of hairspray without stiffness, flakes, or weird residue.

This product can be used on dry, damp, or wet hair. To use, all you have to do is rub a little of the cream between your palms, apply, style, and let dry.

The result will be a non-greasy, crunch-free, and long-lasting hold.

8) AG Ultradynamics Extra-Firm Finishing Spray

If you’re looking for a hairspray that’s strong yet isn’t too heavy or sticky, this is the one to try! This product will give you the strength and texture you want without making your hair crunchy.

This fine mist finishing spray delivers extra-firm hold, humidity resistance, and great shine with no build-up.

This hairspray is fantastic for all curly hair types, but its lightweight formula is especially great for volumizing fine hair or thin hair.

9) Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray

If you’re looking for a more affordable hairspray option, this drugstore product protects your hair from humidity and adds shine.

This spray works by coating the hair strands to create an instant shield against frizz for an exceptionally smooth finish.

It is infused with bamboo extract to nourish your curls and keep them smelling fresh all day long. Its light texture also makes it a breeze to use.

10) L’Oréal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold & Volume Hairspray

Here is a hairspray that won’t break the bank. You can grab this gem right at your local drugstore.

This isn’t just for straight hair but also for wavy and curly hair types; this spray offers a robust yet feather-light hold that keeps frizz at bay—even when humidity levels soar.

But it’s not just about holding power; this spray multitasks like a pro. It also shields your hair from heat damage and leaves it glowing with shine.

11) DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hairspray

This lightweight, flexible-hold hairspray is great for all curl types and is perfect for those looking to lock in their curls without the crunch. Infused with a blend of wheat protein and styling polymers for curl retention, it gives you a touchable hold while maintaining a natural look.

12) John Frieda Frizz Ease Firm Hold Hairspray

This hairspray is a humidity-fighting powerhouse, making it perfect for those with hair that tends to frizz up in humid conditions. The formula contains keratin, which strengthens hair and adds shine.

13) TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray

If you’re looking for intense hold without stiffness, this is the hairspray for you. Its quick-drying formula makes it perfect for on-the-go styling. It offers a strong hold but leaves your curls touchable and manageable.

14) Cake Beauty Hold Out Flexible Vegan Hairspray

If you’re looking for a vegan formula, this is the best hair spray. This flexible-hold hair spray offers the dual benefit of touchable hold and soft volume while leaving a delightful scent of caramelized sugar and vanilla. You can either spray it to lock in a specific style or mist it through the hair for lasting volume.

It’s formulated to brush out easily for a natural look. As a cruelty-free beauty product, it’s made with natural ingredients, free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and talc.

15) Drybar The Sheriff Firm Hold Hairspray

This is one of the best options if you’re looking for a medium-hold spray that doesn’t compromise natural bounce and vitality. The spray provides style memory and strength while allowing your hair to remain flexible and touchable.

16) Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray

For those looking to add maximum hold and volume, then this is for you. Grab this if you need to take my hairstyle to the next level, especially for special occasions or events. It will lock in your style and add volume, shine, and texture.

Plus, it’s humidity-resistant, so your hair stays frizz-free no matter the weather—ideal for any hair type but a game-changer for fine hair like mine. Its maximum hold makes it perfect for looks that have to last. It has a crisp apple scent and is color-safe too.

17) Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray

This argan oil-infused hairspray holds your curls and makes them movable, so no stiff curls! It offers a long-lasting natural hold without stickiness, perfect for curly girls who want both hold and hair health.

18) SexyHair Big Spray & Play Harder

This hairspray is a flake-free formula designed for all hair types, giving your hair up to 10 times the volume and lift. And when I say the hold lasts, I mean it lasts—up to 120 hours, to be precise. That’s a full five days of looking fabulous with zero worries.

19) Redken Control Addict 28 Extra High-Hold Hairspray

With its 24-hour hold and anti-humidity properties, this hairspray ensures that your curls stay intact throughout the day and into the next day. It dries quickly and is easy to brush out, making it convenient for restyling.

Not only does it offer unbeatable hold, but it’s also easily brushable, allowing you to adjust your look without a fuss.

The best part? No annoying residue or flakes. And let’s not forget the fragrance—it’s a subtle yet uplifting blend of orange, white flowers, and sandalwood. This isn’t just a hairspray; it’s the finishing touch.

Redken Extra Hold Hairspray
$27.00 ($2.57 / Ounce)
Buy at Amazon Buy at Redken
03/21/2024 12:43 pm GMT

20) It’s A 10 Miracle Super Hold Finishing Spray Plus Keratin

I reach for this when I want a hairspray that truly does it all. This isn’t just any hairspray; it’s about hold, control, shine, and a formula that works with you, not against you.

It dries quickly, so I don’t have to waste time waiting. It’s humidity-resistant, making it a lifesaver on those hot and sticky days. The shine it adds is the cherry on top. Plus, the weightless, brushable formula allows me to layer it without ending up with stiff or sticky hair.

As someone mindful of what I put on my hair, I appreciate the transparency about the ingredients. For instance, it has linalool, a plant-based ingredient that leaves no residue. It’s just one of the many reasons why I trust this hairspray to give me the look I want every single time.

21) Tresemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray

This budget-friendly option offers an all-day hold with humidity resistance. It’s reliable, spraying on dry without leaving any stickiness. The scent is a lovely bonus, starting off fresh with pear and apple, then unfolding into a floral mix, and ending with warm, woody notes. It’s not just about holding my hairstyle; it’s about adding a final touch to my whole look.

TRESemme Tres Two extra Hold Hair Spray
$25.40 $22.76 ($1.03 / Ounce)
Buy at Amazon Buy at Target
03/21/2024 12:46 pm GMT

22) Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray

When it comes to locking in my look, this anti-frizz hairspray is my go-to. It gives the strongest hold you can ask for, making it perfect for long-lasting style. What’s even better is that it’s a good match for all hair types and offers up to 24-hour humidity protection. So, no matter how long my day is, I can trust this spray to keep my hairstyle exactly the way I want it.

The fast-drying formula serves dual purposes: it’s perfect for both setting your style and adding the finishing touch. Plus, it offers a flake-resistant hold and contains UV filters to shield your hair from the sun’s harmful rays.

23) COLOR WOW Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray

This is a great hairspray for color-treated hair. It won’t dull, darken, or yellow your color, and you can also say goodbye to that dreaded “helmet head” look. Added UV protection ensures your color stays radiant and protected from sun damage. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a hairspray, without the downsides.

24) Pantene Pro-V Flexible Hold Hairspray

I love its alcohol-free formula; they’ve skipped the ethanol to make it healthier for your hair. The spray is super lightweight but still manages to give my hair a smooth, sleek finish without too much hold. With its Level 2 Hold, my hair feels moisturized and incredibly soft, making it perfect for achieving that bouncy, full-of-life look.

25) All About Curls Curls For Days Finishing Spray

This lightweight hairspray is specifically designed for curls, offering a soft yet supple hold that keeps them in perfect shape for up to 48 hours. This formula effectively blocks out humidity, making it an essential styling step for long-lasting curl definition. Ideal for curl types that require extra moisture, it ensures a touchable, flexible hold while locking in hydration. It is also color-safe.

26) Marc Anthony Curl It Up Volume Boost Spray

This lightweight spray is formulated with a blend of shea butter, avocado oil, and soybean oil to bring your curls to life. Say goodbye to frizz and crunch and hello to soft, manageable curls that last for days. This spray includes enriching silk proteins and shea butter to minimize frizz and detangle your curls.

27) Verb Ghost Hairspray

This hairspray offers a weightless medium hold, allowing for easy, workable styles that never feel stiff. It works for all hair types, providing flexible hold and adding a luminous shine to your curls.

VERB Ghost Hairspray
$20.00 ($2.86 / Ounce)
Buy at Amazon Buy at Ulta
03/21/2024 12:53 pm GMT


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