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Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Image of clips and barrettes for curly hair.

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Curly hair, with its natural volume and versatility, offers a wide range of styling possibilities and can look stunning when cared for properly. However, managing curls often demands a bit more attention and the right set of tools to truly flourish.

Selecting the right accessories for curly hair can be a challenge, as not all traditional hair styling tools and products accommodate the unique needs of curls. The texture and shape of curly hair mean that it benefits from specialized accessories designed to handle its intricacies without causing damage or compromising its natural beauty.

To assist you in navigating the world of curly hair care and styling, we’ve curated a list of the top 15 hair accessories specifically chosen for their compatibility with curly hair. These items are not only functional, helping to manage and style your curls with ease, but they also add a touch of flair and personality to your look. Whether you’re aiming for practicality, aesthetics, or a blend of both, these accessories celebrate the diversity of curly hair and offer innovative solutions for everyday styling and care.

1. Satin/Silk Hat/Bonnet  

Image of before and after using a satin bonnet. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!

Accessories are for styling and caring for the hair well enough to make it easier to style. That is why we never go without recommending a silk or satin bonnet for curly hair, especially if you have coily curls. While at home doing chores or when sleeping, the bonnet protects the hair.  

It helps prevent drying and friction from rubbing against the pillow or headrest surfaces. This reduces hair fall, breakage, frizz, and the undoing of your curls. Furthermore, you can also invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to give your hair extra care during sleep.  

2. Satin Scrunchies  

Image of curly haired woman wearing a satin scrunchie in a ponytail. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!

The list of satin accessories grows. Satin scrunchies are a curly girl’s best friend. They are better and safer than any other hair ties. Satin scrunchies are smooth and don’t pull on the hair strands; they don’t leave dents in the hair and won’t cause breakage.  

3. Silk/Satin Headband  

Image of curly haired woman wearing a satin headband. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Photo credit: Pinterest

Yet another satin item, and this time silk or satin headband. Whether poofy or flat, soft bands or harder Alice bands covered in satin, they are a beautiful way to add color or accessorize. You can also use them to lift those lovely locks out of your face or wear them when washing your face or putting on makeup.  

4. Printed Satin/Silk Scarves  

Scarves are a fun accessory to use when styling your curly hair. And, of course, they must be satin or silk scarves because that helps to prevent friction, pulling, tangles, and breakage. You can use a scarf as a bonnet, hair tie, or headband. The more color and patterns, the funkier and prettier.   

5. Satin Lined Baseball Cap  

Image of curly haired woman wearing a hat designed for curly hair. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Photo credit: Pinterest

The last one on the satin list is a satin-lined baseball cap (my favorite). Everyone needs a hat, but curly hair does best with materials like satin to prevent breakage or damage. You also get half-head baseball caps which are great for upholding a top knot, ponytails, or a messy bun.

6. Gym Headband  

Gym headbands are ideal hair accessories for curly hair. They help keep your hair away from your face while exercising. They also come in various colors and materials, but the best material to use is a sporty fabric that keeps sweat away from your forehead. More importantly, you want one that preserves your style, prevents your curls from swelling, and wicks away moisture.

7. Microfiber Turban Towel Cap  

Another hair care item that every curly curl must have is a turban towel cap. You use this as you would a bonnet but after wash day. It helps absorb water much more efficiently and causes less friction than traditional cotton towels.

8. Spiral Hair Ties

Image of the Teleties hair tie in my hair in a top knotl

These are hair ties that are ideal for curly or natural hair. They are designed to lessen the tension on your scalp and not leave a dent or crease in your hair.

This hair accessories grip hair securely with minimal pulling and tightening. They are designed to be sturdy yet pliable, which helps reduce tension on the head and scalp.

You can use them in several ways. To name a few, you can create a loose bun or top knot, add some volume to a ponytail or braid, or just secure your curls away from your face.

9. Claw Clips  

Image of curly girl with claw clip used to style her hair. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Photo credit: Pinterest

Claw clips are probably any curly girl’s best friend. They are super helpful for quickly getting your hair back or keeping it in place. You get them in various sizes. The smaller ones are great for styling, holding braids, and adding color to your hair.  

10. Embellished Clips and Barrettes  

Image of curly woman wearing barrettes in her hair. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Photo credit: Maed

Clips and barrettes are fun accessories for curly hair to keep hair from falling in your face. They also work wonderfully for styling and adding color, embellished or not. The flat barrettes help prevent dents in the hair. All clips come in different sizes to suit various hair textures.  

Here are some helpful examples of using clips and barrettes with curly hair.

11. Metal Cuffs  

This picture shows my daughter wearing metal hair cuffs.

Another hair accessories for curly hair are the metal cuffs. Metal cuffs are a stunning accessory for curly hair. You get them in different colors and can add them to various sections of your hair, regardless of the length. They add depth to style and stay in curls easier than straight and wavy hair. 

12. Puff Cuffs  

Image of girl wearing two pigtails using the puff cuffs. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Take a look at this unique hairstyle featuring two puff cuffs used for pigtails. Photo credit: Pinterest.

Puff cuffs are a version of a barrette-style clip that has a baby with a claw clip. You get small and large kinds. The bigger ones are more commonly used and work like hair ties. They don’t hurt you or pull your hair, or cause tangles. And they also don’t make dents or undo your curls.  These are great for thick hair, braids, locs, and twists.

13. Earrings  

It may seem odd, but earrings are amazing hair accessories for curly hair. They work best on most curly hair types. You can attach the earrings as you would on your ears to your hair, and they will hold in place. Or decorate your braids with them. Use various shapes, sizes, and colors.  

14. Hair Bows  

Image of the back of a girl's long curly hair with a black bow. Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Photo credit: Pinterest

If you think hair bows are not in fashion, it’s time to learn that they will always be trendy. From small to large sizes, hair bows are a perfect accessory for curly hair. They add a fun layer of style by complementing your curls beautifully. Add them to your ponytail, the top of your head, or even the side.   

15. Bobby Pins  

Image of curly haired woman using bobby pins to style her hair.Hair Accessories For Curly Hair: Top 15 Picks!
Photo credit: Pinterest

Bobby pins are not uncommon and used by people with all hair types, but did you know that besides holding your hair in place, you can use colored ones as a styling accessory? You can lift your curls and pin the side of your head with a few pins in a checkered shape or as you prefer.  


There are unlimited options of hair accessories for curly hair. Whether for hair care or styling, the above list has you covered.

Curly hair doesn’t have to be hidden away or look dull. You can play around with accessories and complement your beautiful, luscious, wispy locks.  


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