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Curly Haircare for Men and Boys

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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When you think about curly haircare, you immediately picture females with long, luscious locks. Men’s curly haircare is often overlooked, but it is just as important and should be given much more consideration and attention. But what is the best curly haircare strategy for men and boys?

Curly haircare for men and boys includes finding your hair type, getting regular trims, reducing shampoo days, incorporating conditioner and deep conditioning treatments, and using proper styling products. Protecting your hair overnight and using the correct tools and accessories is also essential.

Men often don’t realize how crucial it is to implement proper haircare routines and products. If you use an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, you are killing your hair slowly. In this post, I share all you need to know about elevating your curly haircare routine as a male.

Haircare Tips for Curly Men and Boys

Besides having experience in the curly hair industry, I also have sons with curly hair. This has taught me so much about the different needs, products, and routines men and boys require for their hair health. In the tips below, I discuss effective and practical steps for men’s and boy’s curly haircare:

Learn your Curly Hair Type

The first thing I always advise anyone trying to figure out a healthy haircare regime, curly or not, is understanding the different hair types. Once you learn what your curly hair type is, it makes choosing products and care techniques easier. This way, you get more effective results.

Men with shorter hair might think it doesn’t make a difference, but it does because your hair type determines your texture, structure, density, porosity, etc. These factors must be considered when applying products and following haircare methods. Damage will also play a role in this process.

Get Regular Trims

Trims are essential, whether you have long or short hair. You may think trims will counteract your hair growth, but it actually allows you to grow longer, healthier hair. Without cutting your ends, they become dry and dead and start splitting, requiring larger cuts if the damage spreads up the strands.

You also want to cut your hair based on your desired shape for your styling goal. This helps your styling technique and motivates you to care for your curls accordingly. 

Reduce Shampoo Days

There is a misconception that men must wash their hair daily, sometimes twice. This can be extremely drying, especially for type 4 hair. Curly hair is inherently drier due to the difficulty in natural oils passing down the strands from the tight twists and turns of the curls.

Daily shampooing can strip the hair of its natural oils and lead to more dryness, breakage, and hair fall. Rinsing without shampoo or using dry shampoo between wash days can prevent this and keep the scalp fresh and clean. Reduce shampoo days to 2-3 times a week or alternate with a co-wash.

Here are some shampoo recommendations for curly men and boys:

Conditioner is a Must

Another misconception in men’s hair care is that conditioner is not necessary. It is only in recent years that the narrative has been changing. Shampooing without conditioning can cause dryness and lead to coarse hair. Conditioning restores moisture and helps define your curls, no matter the length.

Here are helpful conditioner suggestions for curly men and boys:

Occasionally Deep Condition

While deep conditioning is a recommended practice for individuals with curly hair due to its increased vulnerability to dryness and damage, it’s important to note that not every curly hair type requires regular deep conditioning.

Individuals with curlier hair, particularly those falling under types 3 and 4, as well as those with damaged hair, often benefit from regular deep conditioning to uphold the health of their hair. Consider applying a deep conditioning mask two to four times a month to aid in repairing damage, restoring and preserving moisture, and providing the necessary nourishment for the healthy growth of your curls.

These are excellent deep conditioners for curly men and boys:

Get the Correct Styling Products

If you want your curls to look defined, shiny, voluminous, and hold shape, upgrade your styling products and move from those regular gels and hair waxes to curl-specific ones. Curly styling products are designed to improve your curl pattern, add moisture, and protect your hair from humidity.

They reduce frizz, provide a healthy sheen, and, following proper styling techniques, also hold your curls in place for longer. Additionally, they are formulated to be hydrating and nourishing, ensuring your hair stays moisturized.

Here are effective curly styling products for men and boys:

Protect your Hair at Night

A crucial haircare technique curly men/boys overlook is protecting those curls at night – often because they think shorter hair doesn’t require that. But without protection, your curl structure can get messy, your hair can dry out, and the pulling and tugging during sleeping can cause breakage and hair fall.

Wearing a satin bonnet when you sleep can help maintain your curl pattern and prevent drying. Similarly, using a satin/silk pillowcase also prevents the rubbing and squishing of your curls that happens with traditional material pillowcases. Find more information on these accessories here.

Upgrade your Tools and Accessories

The tools and accessories you use can drastically improve the health of your hair and the result of your styling techniques. There are various options, but you can check out my post on accessories for curly hair for suggestions on items like microfiber towels, curly hairbrushes, and diffusers.

Can Men Use the Same Curly Hair Products as Women?

A common question you often find in the curly hair community is: can men use the same curly products as women? The answer is always yes. Biologically, men and women may have some structural hair differences. But physiologically where head haircare matters, we are the same.

The only difference between men’s and women’s hair products is the scent. Women’s haircare tends to have sweeter, floral smells, whereas men’s products will be more neutral, earthy, and masculine. Apart from the fragrance, other ingredients included and required are no different.


Curly haircare for men and boys is not complicated, but it isn’t as simple as using one product for your entire body, either. To maintain your hair’s health and growth, following the proper steps, as discussed above, helps improve your curl structure and hair texture.


I’m just a girl who transformed her severely damaged hair into healthy hair. I adore the simplicity of a simple hair care routine, the richness of diverse textures, and the joy of sharing my journey from the comfort of my space.

My mission? To empower others with the tools to restore, and maintain healthy hair, and celebrate the hair they were born with!

My Favourite Things

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