Choosing the Best Length for Curly Hair

April 10, 2023


Verna Meachum

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Finding the perfect hairstyle can be challenging for curly hair, especially when considering what length you’d like it to be.

The length can make a difference to your look and how you think about managing it daily.

So we put together some factors to think about for choosing the best length for curly hair.

Consider Your Face Shape

The length of your hair should complement your face shape. The shape can influence how your curly hair frames and contours your face.

So choosing the suitable length will complement your face shape and help you achieve a more flattering and harmonious overall look.

For example:

Round face shapes

Image of the best length for curly hair for round faces.
Photo credit: Pinterest

If you have a round face, typically longer curly hair can help elongate your look. Depending on the hairstyle, if you grow out your curly hair, you may even notice a more symmetrical look to your face.

Oval face shapes

Image of the best length for curly hair for oval faces.
Photo credit: Pinterest

Typically, an oval face shape will look great with any length of curls. This gives you a chance to test unexplored hair lengths without having much worry.

So it could be up to your preference to determine which length suits you the best.

Square face shapes

Image of the best length for curly hair for square-shaped faces.
Photo credit: Pinterest

If you have a square face shape, then you’re less restricted when it comes to length. Again, it’s up to you to choose if you want a longer style.

On the other hand, if you have a square-shaped face, shorter curly hair can soften your features and create a more feminine look if that is desired, depending on how you style your hair.

Heart-shaped face

Image of the best length for curly hair for heart-shaped faces.
Photo credit: Pinterest

For heart-shaped faces, shorter lengths on coily and wavy hair can beautifully frame your face and features.

The shorter it is, the more control over your curls. You’re less likely to have tangled hair, which makes styling much more manageable.

You can also consult with a curly hairstylist to help you determine the best length for your face shape if you still need clarification.

Think About Your Curl Pattern

Different curl patterns can affect how your hair looks at different lengths. For example, tighter curls can appear shorter when dry, so you may want to opt for a longer length cut than you initially thought to take into consideration the shrinkage.

In contrast, loose curls on wavy hair may appear longer when dry, so you may want to consider a shorter length to prevent your hair from looking too weighed down.

It’s a good idea to look into your hair type before choosing the desired length.

For example, type 3 and type 4 hair generally have curly and coily hair follicles. While type 2 hair can be wavy, and type 1 is typically straight.

So if your natural curls tend to be bouncy or have more texture, especially when your hair is wet, you’re looking at more spiral curl patterns.

You can discover your exact hair type by comparing a strand of hair with a hair chart to determine what category your curly hair falls into accurately.

Suit the Length to Your Lifestyle

Another factor to think about is your daily lifestyle. For example, some individuals found that they lead an active lifestyle so a shorter hairstyle would be more practical.

If you only have a little time each week to style and maintain your hair regularly, choosing a shorter length can help with upkeep, like detangling issues, as there is less length to work with.

Moreover, you could work in a more formal environment, so having a longer hairstyle in a ponytail or bun may be more appropriate.

Or, if you can wake up and do a quick wash-and-go style, shorter lengths could be ideal for wavy and bouncy curls.

So consider your daily routine and how much time you put into styling your hair each day or week.

Try Different Lengths

The best way to determine the correct length for your curly hairstyle is to test various lengths.

If you’re blessed to have long curls, why not give shorter layers a go? That way, you’ll still have the length but can see your hair’s potential if you cut it shorter.

Try different cuts and lengths to see what is most pleasing for you. Consider getting a wig or hair extensions to experience these changes without committing to permanent curly haircuts.

Be bold and try something new because your hair will grow back if you’re unhappy with a cut.

Maybe you’ll want to see how curly bangs will look on you like the wolf cut, or you’ve always wanted to give face-framing layers a chance.

Allow yourself to try these hair lengths on your own time or with extensions until you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Take Care of Your Curls

Regardless of your length, taking care of your curls is essential. Use products specifically designed for curly rather than straight hair to keep your curls healthy and hydrated.

You’ll also want to avoid using heat tools and products with damaging chemicals on your hair.

With proper care, your curls will look their best no matter the length.

Some popular products we recommend for curly girls include:

● Curl-enhancing shampoos and conditioners

Leave-in conditioners

Curl creams

● Detangling creams


Hair oils

These products usually contain shea butter, castor, argan, aloe vera, and glycerin. This help to moisturize hair, lubricate, and nourish it as well.

Some products may also contain protein to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage, reduce curly hair, and add moisture.

Remember to use a wide-tooth comb on dry and wet hair to detangle your curls and reduce tension on the scalp gently.

Final Thoughts

The length of your curly hair is a personal choice, as you want something that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

However, it’s essential to do your research to ensure that the length you choose will work with your natural texture, face shape, and lifestyle.

Remember, your hair is unique and beautiful, and the correct length can enhance your natural curls and make you feel unstoppable.

So if you’re ready to rock your curly locks, check out our page for more tips to keep your curly hair healthy no matter the length.


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