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Men’s Curly Hair Problems and Solutions

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Only those with natural curls truly grasp the unique and sometimes wild experience of managing curly hair. Curly hair is incredible, vibrant, and has so much character. But it doesn’t come without challenges. This post discusses the most common and annoying problems with solutions for men with curly hair. 

Men with curly hair often face hair length issues that limit their understanding of hair type and hair type. Lack of quality information and products are also factors. Excessive frizz, dry hair, and balding from hair fall also have an impact. There are solutions to manage all these concerns.  

While guys with curly hair face several problems managing their hair, there is always something to be done to create ease and improve the situation when facing those challenges. I provide a better understanding of those issues and helpful solutions to work through them below. 

Curly Hair Problems: Solutions for Men

Check out the following challenges that men with curly hair face and the solutions to help them:

Length of the Hair 

Some men have short hair, and some have long hair. While there is no textbook way to keep your hair as a guy, different lengths impact your curls. The length of your hair, whether long or short, can cause many issues to arise. Here is an explanation: 

Long hair requires extra time, effort, and products to ensure proper hair care and styling. Long hair also gets easily tangled, is more prone to damage, and doesn’t always look how you expect it to. 

Short hair can make determining your hair type, specifically subtype, difficult. It also means you’re less likely to see, style, or enjoy your curls properly. 


If your hair is long, trim it regularly to eliminate split/dry ends. Keep it well moisturized, and use proper curly hair products in your haircare routine. If your hair is short, grow it out a little if possible. If not, figure out your porosity level. That makes it easier to navigate haircare/products. 

Lack of Quality Information 

The lack of information out there for curly guys, both online and offline, is painful. Men deserve proper knowledge about their hair just as women do, yet it is often overlooked as unnecessary. Despite the recent increase in men’s hair care, quality information is still missing. 

This impacts men with curly hair significantly. Straight hair is, well, pretty straightforward to understand. But curly hair has a plethora of layers to associate with. There is so much to learn from hair types, textures, hairstyles, special products, lengthy regimes, damage, etc.. 

Without the right information, men tend to just follow any advice they think works collectively, not realizing every head of hair requires different things. This often leads to unruly or undefined curls, terrible hair damage, and eventually frustration.


Look for trustworthy, high-ranking online blogs focused on hair care. You can check out mine, The Mestiza Muse, for all your curly hair questions, product recommendations and reviews, and tips and tricks. 

Do extensive research. Don’t always follow the first answer or advice you receive from friends, influencers, and places that provide one-size-fits-all opinions. Learn about your curly hair type, porosity levels, density, and damage level, and make informed decisions accordingly. 

Lack of Product Variety 

Like the lack of information, there is a lack of quality products for men. But more importantly, there is not enough variety. While you can find a plethora of options for women, men have to make do with a few options. 

Even though guys can use products from the women’s range since there is essentially no significant difference between male and female hair products other than scents, those scents are also limited. Other than coconut or mint, which works for men, other fragrances are primarily feminine. 

Styling products are available in large varieties. But guys don’t only require styling. They also require washing, conditioning, deep treatments, etc., and finding quality options for proper hair care is challenging. Check out my post with suggestions for the best men’s curly hair products. 


Try out different high-rated products that receive excellent reviews. Find the products that work for you and stick to them. Incorporate natural options like homemade masks, which ensure you’re getting organic ingredients and quality care for your curls. 

Find neutral-scented shampoos, conditioners, and oils that you like or enjoy from the standard product ranges, and ensure you’re using formulas designed for your curly hair type. You can also check out my post on the best curly hair products for men

Excessive Frizz 

Frizz is the arch-enemy of curly hair; whether man or woman, frizz will find you and torture you. Men often have a bigger problem with frizz, especially those with short hair. This is because guys don’t really know what to do with that frizz and how to prevent or control it. 


Moisturize your hair well and use a leave-in conditioner. Invest in anti-humidity styling products. Do regular deep treatments to strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Don’t leave out conditioner in the shower after shampooing. This will restore moisture loss and help eliminate frizz. 

Excessive Dryness 

Curly hair is dry hair, and that is a fact. This is because sebum (the hair’s natural oil secretion) cannot efficiently transport its way down the hair shaft due to the twists and bumps of the curls. And if you have shorter hair that remains vertical, that makes it even more challenging. 


Use moisturizing products to combat dehydration. Add a weekly deep conditioning mask or oil treatment to your routine. Avoid hats, pillows, towels, etc., that absorb moisture from your hair, and invest in accessories that will prevent that and protect your hair overnight

Try to reduce wash days to 1-2 times a week. You can also switch to a co-wash to help relieve dry, brittle, and coarse hair due to shampoo. Remember to incorporate leave-in conditioner into your haircare and styling routine. This keeps your hair moisturized and feeling soft while defining curls. 

Excessive Hair Fall/Balding 

Hair fall is healthy in some capacity. Just like your skin sheds dead skin cells, your hair also sheds unhealthy and unwanted strands to allow new hair to grow. But once it becomes excessive and you notice a receding hairline or bald patches, it means there is an underlying issue. 

The problem could be products, stress, tangles, unhealthy diet, hard water, etc. It affects everyone, men and women, and all hair types, curly or not. But it does impact guys with curls a little more because many have shorter, finer hair. 

The shorter, finer hair makes the hair loss more visible. Bald spots can cause a person to lose confidence and become self-conscious. It also affects the way curls fall and looks and can end up in lackluster-looking hair. 


Ensure you’re getting a healthy diet and drinking enough water. Get some supplements to fill in the gaps and find ways to reduce stress. A shower filter is a good investment, and hair growth oils with a little massage for stimulation every so often can significantly reduce hair loss. 


Men’s curly hair problems don’t have to end there. You can now use the solutions provided to manage, control, and work through some issues you face as a curly-haired guy to have the best hair health and wonderfully defined curls.


I’m just a girl who transformed her severely damaged hair into healthy hair. I adore the simplicity of a simple hair care routine, the richness of diverse textures, and the joy of sharing my journey from the comfort of my space.

My mission? To empower others with the tools to restore, and maintain healthy hair, and celebrate the hair they were born with!

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