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Looking for Black owned hair care products? You’ve come to the right place!

During the month of February, we recognize and celebrate Black American’s significant contributions in our communities, economy, and world.

According to statistics from the US Census Bureau, the number of Black owned firms with workers increased by 31.2% over a 15-year period. That is something to celebrate!

Despite these encouraging figures, Black business owners continue to confront a substantial number of issues.

There are many Black owned hair care products on the market, but you may not have heard of them. That’s because these businesses often don’t receive the same level of promotion as more “popular” brands.

There was a surge of social media posts from hair care brands and influencers promoting Black owned hair products during the pandemic, but that has since died down.

How has interest in Black owned businesses fared since? 

Support, Support, Support

Too often, Black owned hair products are not carried or supported by major retailers, leading to a lack of visibility and sales. 

This is a problem, because it means that consumers may not be aware of the options available to them.

There is a lack of promotion for Black owned hair products. This is true especially when it comes to natural hair products.

This has to change.

We need to support Black owned businesses and create a space for Black owned hair products in the marketplace.

By doing this, we can create jobs for Black people, promote Black businesses, and help educate people about the benefits of using natural Black hair products.

More Than Just a Trend

Supporting Black owned businesses should be more than just a trend. Truly supporting Black-owned businesses entails more than coming out in support on certain days of the year, such as Black History Month, Blackout Days, and Juneteenth.

We want to make sure you know about these brands to help you find Black owned hair care businesses quickly, we provided this comprehensive list. We’ve also included links so you can easily go directly to each brand’s website and purchase from them.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a comprehensive list of Black owned hair care brands.

This list includes a variety of products for all your hair care needs. From shampoos and conditioners to hair oils and stylers, we have you covered.

Not only are these products Black owned, but they also work great on all types of hair!

You can support these wonderful brands by following them on their social media platforms.

Note: We will not earn any affiliate commission when you purchase through the links on this page.

Without further ado, here is our comprehensive list of Black owned hair products.

4C Only

4U by Tia

Adwoa Beauty

Afrikan Republic

African Royal



Alikay Naturals

Alodia Hair Care

Anita Grant

Ashtae Products

Base Butter

Bask & Bloom Essentials

Bekura Beauty


BGLH Marketplace

Black Magic (for men)


Brina Organics


Bronner Bros


Camille RoseNaturals

Canvas Beauty


Charlotte Mensah

Chocolate Kinks & Kurls

Cia’s Naturals

Claudio St. James


Curly Coily Tresses

Curls Dynasty

Curl Junkie

Curls & Potions

CurLUXE Naturals


Curl Theory

Design Essentials

Diva by Cindy

Dudley Hair Care

Earthtones Naturals


Eden Bodyworks

Essations Pro

Esse Naturals

E’TAE Natural Products


Evolving Textures

Evonne Essentials

Flora & Curls

Fortify’d Naturals

GNatural Products


Green Beauty

Hair Rules


Hydratherma Naturals

ilora L’original Hair products

Inahsi Naturals


Jane Carter Solution

Jim + Henry

Kadima Organic Beauty Product

Kaleidoscope Hair Products

Karen’s Body Beautiful



Kinky Tresses

Koils by Nature

Koshajay Essentials

Kreyol Essence

Kurlee Belle

Lil Little

Loving Culture

Luster’s Pink

LUV Naturals

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture – exclusively sold on Sephora

Made Beautiful

Melanin Haircare

Meraki Organics

Metaphysical Melanin

Miche Beauty

Mielle Organics

Miss Jessie’s

Mixed Chicks

Moisture Love


My Honey Child

Nancy’s Kitchen Products

Native Nous


Naturally Nadine

NaturAll Club

Naturell Growth

Natural Oasis

NJoy Essentials

NouriTress Hair Products


Nzuri Haircare & Wellness Products

Obia Naturals



Oyin Handmade

Pattern Beauty

Pooka Pure and Simple

Princess Kayla’s Natty Locks

Qhemet Biologics

Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals

Rapunzel The Future of Hair


Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials – for kids!

Reeta’s Organics

Righteous Roots Oils

Roots Naturelle

Royal Roots

Rucker Roots

She Scent It


Sienna Naturals

Sizta 2 Sizta

Taliah Waajid


Strands of Faith

Tailored Beauty


The Curl Smiler

The Doux

The Neahj Brand

TPH by Taraji

Treasured Locks

Tree Naturals


Tropical Isle Living

Twisted Sista

Uhai Hair

Uncle Funky’s Daughter

Unique Essentials


Up North Naturals

Vonté Products

Wonder Curl

Wonder Gro Hair Products

Yadain Cultural Solutions LLC

Not all brands marketed to Black shoppers are always Black owned. Though originally Black-founded, SheaMoisture and Carol’s Daughter are no longer Black owned. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but in an industry that largely still struggles to recognize the unique needs of Black hair, it has caused skepticism among some Black consumers.

List of Non-Black Owned Hair Brands

  1. Africa’s Best
  2. African Gold
  3. African Pride
  4. Afro Sheen
  5. Artra
  6. Aunt Jackie’s
  7. Beautiful Textures
  8. Black and White
  9. Blue Magic
  10. Bread Beauty Supply
  11. Cantu
  12. Care Free
  13. Dark and Lovely
  14. Dax
  15. Doo Gro
  16. Dr. Miracles
  17. DuSharme
  18. Elasta OP
  19. Fabulaxer
  20. Five Star
  21. Gentle Treatment
  22. Gloss 8
  23. Glover’s
  24. IC products
  25. Infusium 23
  26. Just So
  27. Lekair
  28. Let’s Jam
  29. Lutrasilk
  30. Mane n Tail
  31. Mizani
  32. Motions
  33. Nadinola
  34. Othine
  35. Parnevu
  36. Perm Repair
  37. Profective
  38. Pro Line
  39. Relaxed and Natural
  40. Smart Perm
  41. Smooth and Shine
  42. Soft and Beautiful
  43. Sulfur8
  44. TCB Naturals
  45. TCB Apoghee
  46. Texture My Way
  47. Ultrasheen
  48. Vitale
  49. Wave Nouveau
  50. Worlds of Curls

Hair accessories/tools

  1. FELICIA Leatherwood
  2. Glow by Daye 
  3. Grace Eleyae
  4. Thermal Hair Care Hot Heads
  5. Kosa Professionals
  6. Loza Tam
  7. Phoebe Luna
  8. The Puff Cuff
  9. Rebundle
  10. She’s Happy Hair
  11. The Wrap Life
  12. Upgrade Boutique
  13. XOXO Virgin Hair
  14. Yummy Extensions
  15. You Go Natural

Note: Mane Choice was founded by Courtney Adeleye, a Black woman, who remains the CEO, but the brand is now owned by MAV Beauty. The CEO of MAV Beauty is Marc Anthony Venere.

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