Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut: A Detailed Comparison

January 17, 2023


Verna Meachum

Image showing the back of curly hair of a rezo cut vs deva cut.

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As a curly-haired girl, you’ve probably heard of both the Rëzo cut and the Deva cut. These haircuts are designed to enhance the natural shape of your curls and help you achieve an effortless, low-maintenance look.

In contrast, it can be harder to figure out which haircut best suits your hair’s texture and shape. To make things easier, let’s look at two of the most popular curly haircuts: Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut.

Rëzo Cut

The Rëzo Cut is a type of hair styling technique focused on precision cutting, aiming to create naturally looking layers. It’s a modern style of layered haircut created by hairstylist and master curl expert Nubia Suarez.

Nubia has thoroughly researched various hair textures and techniques from around the world, but her favorite aspect of this exploration lies in the communal care that many African cultures exemplify.

The goal of the Rëzo Cut is to sustain both length and volume for an eye-catching look. The technique aims to accentuate one’s natural texture or curl pattern while simultaneously providing shorter layers within its length.

The Rëzo Cut is exclusive in its approach to providing perfect symmetry, balance, and shape by utilizing a singular technique of cutting in circles and triangles for ideal form.

The “rezos” themselves can vary in size and length but are usually kept evenly cut throughout the head and at the same depth.

This technique can help form waves or curls into softer textures depending on your length, thickness, and desired look.

Ultimately, when done correctly, it provides hair with the ideal balance, body, volume, and shape, allowing you to embrace your unique style easily!

How Does It Work?

After a decade of experience in curly haircuts and textures, Nubia developed the Rëzo cut – uniquely designed to suit women’s tight curls.

This revolutionary style integrates techniques from all corners of the globe; it works with any hair texture while giving you control over your length.

By sectioning the hair in “V’s” and cutting the hair in circles, it delivers a seamless shape. It works for every texture: wavy, curly, and coily. And the technique provides the curly heads with options – bangs, no bangs, more volume, or less volume.

The result is stunning: enlivened loose curls that bring out the best features of your face! Volume, as well as structure, are preserved through this magnificent look.

The Rëzo Cut is done on dry hair and makes curls all the same length around your head.

It works well for people who like long hair and want their roots to be able to breathe.

But there are other ways to cut curly hair, like the Deva Cut, which has become increasingly popular throughout the years.

Rezo Cut Examples

The photos below are the artistry work of Kenidia Quiones, who is Rëzo certified and a Natural Hair Specialist. She offers a variety of services such as hair treatments, cuts, and curl rehab.

Photo of curly haired woman before getting a rezo cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Photo credit: @curlingmecrazy. Before rezo cut.

Photo of curly haired woman after getting a rezo cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Photo credit: @curlingmecrazy. After – rezo cut

Photo of curly haired woman before getting a rezo cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Photo credit: @curlingmecrazy. Before rezo cut.

Photo of curly haired woman after getting a rezo cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Photo credit: @curlingmecrazy. After rezo cut.

Deva Cut

The DevaCut is an innovative cutting technique developed by the renowned Devachan Salon, specially designed to shape and style curly hair, wavy hair, and coily hair.

The Deva Cut is known for its curl-by-curl sculpting service that is designed to showcase the beauty of your hair in its natural, dry state. This includes the DevaCurl Transformation for full effect.

It truly revolutionizes how the curls lay on your head, creating a definite shape and structure that looks amazing and stands out from the crowd.

The Deva Cut technique helps eliminate frizz and define each curl, so your hair looks healthy and bouncy. The goal of this cut is to keep as much length on the ends as possible while still providing enough shape to frame your face.

This unique cut is performed by certified stylists who have undergone special training to understand how to work with different curl patterns and want every curly head to achieve their desired look. This method is not done on wet hair.

How deva cut is performed

The Deva cut is a specialized haircut that helps you define your natural curls and give them an extra boost of style. The best part? Your Deva cut will also be personalized to help frame your face!

The cut is designed to feature the best of each curl rather than simply “taming” it. To do this, all cutting is done on dry hair so that every single curl can be shaped perfectly. This ensures a natural style and movement which accentuates your curls in their most beautiful form!

Deciding to cut a curly’s hair in its natural dry, wash and go state is paramount for success because it allows the stylist to observe how different textures interplay with one another. This knowledge can then be utilized when crafting their desired hairstyle shape.

The key elements of the Deva cut are embracing your natural curl pattern, not fighting them: precision cutting, deep conditioning treatments, and great styling for long-lasting results.

Deva Cut Examples

Here are a few pictures of myself after getting a deva cut. I’m so happy with the results! I have volume, shape, and well-defined curls. The stylist truly gave me a an awesome Deva cut—I can’t thank them enough for their artistry.

Photo of curly haired woman showing front of hair after getting a deva cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Deva cut – front

Photo of curly haired woman showing the back of hair after getting a deva cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Deva cut – back

Photo of curly haired woman showing the back and side of hair after getting a deva cut for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.
Deva cut of yours truly!

Rezo Cut vs Deva Cut

The Rëzo cut and the Deva cut are comparable and are sometimes confused. But there is a distinct distinction between the two.

After a Deva cut, your curls frame your face, while after a Rëzo cut, your hair stays the same length around your head.

Comparison of the Rezo Cut and the Deva Cut

The Rëzo Cut and the Deva Cut are two sought-after cutting techniques used on dry hair.

• The primary difference between the two is that while the Deva Cut is more of a curl-by-curl cut focusing more on framing the face and showcasing natural curls, the Rëzo Cut stands out from the crowd because it is the only cut that provides an unrivaled blend of cutting in circles and triangles, resulting in precision body balance and symmetry. The Rezo cut also sets the curls free from their roots, allowing them to move and sway with ease.

• The Rëzo cut technique gives the curly girl a plethora of possibilities—choose to add bangs or keep them out, increase volume or reduce it.

• For starters, the Deva Cut requires less time than the Rëzo Cut. A Deva Cut may take an hour or so, whereas the Rëzo Cut can take up to 3 hours due to its intricate details.

• The Deva Cut is more suitable for those whose curls are styled naturally. The Deva Cut may appear uneven on straight or blow-dried hair textures.

• The Rëzo Cut is designed to provide an even, balanced look regardless of whether it’s worn in its natural curly state or straightened. This look is perfect for those with natural curls who want to keep their length while adding shape and volume.

• Another way to differentiate between these two cuts is by looking at how they help maintain length in one’s hair.

• The Deva Cut uses sections and angles that create layers, while the Rëzo Cut focuses more on volume and body, and is ideal for those who want to keep their length.

• Regarding styling afterward, there are also differences between these two cuts.

• With a Deva Cut, it’s important to use styling products designed for curly hair and scrunching techniques to get the maximum definition from your curls.

• With a Rëzo Cut, users can style their hair using mousses, gels, or serums as desired to achieve more movement and body in their hairstyle.

Issues with the Rezo Cut and DevaCut Techniques

Photo of curly head getting a haircut by hairstylist for Rezo cut vs Deva cut blog.

While the Rëzo Cut and Deva Cut are both popular techniques for cutting curly hair, they have some issues that should be considered.

• One area for improvement with the Rëzo Cut is that it can be challenging to find a stylist who is trained in this technique. Not all stylists are familiar with the Rëzo Cut, making it hard to find someone who can give you the cut you want.

• Another area for improvement with the Rëzo Cut is that it can be time-consuming. Because the stylist focuses on the curls’ shape on thicker curls, the cut can take longer than a traditional cut. This can be frustrating for some people with limited time at the salon.

• The Deva Cut also has its issues. One of the main issues is that it can be challenging to find a stylist trained in this technique. Not all stylists are familiar with the Deva Cut, making it hard to find someone who can give you the cut you want, especially if you don’t live near a major city.

• Many people still complain about the results being puffy, frizzy, or choppy on the Deva Cut.

• Another issue with the Deva Cut is that it can be expensive. Because the stylist is cutting the hair dry and focusing on the shape of the head and the hair’s texture, the cut can take longer than a traditional cut. This can be frustrating for some people with limited time at the salon.

Which One Is Best For You?

Lastly, when considering either cut, it’s important to understand your hair texture and lifestyle demands. If you like minimal maintenance post-cut, consider getting a Deva Cut, as it will require little effort to maintain its look.

If you’re looking for something that stands out more, go for a Rëzo Cut, as its intricate detailing often creates statement looks that attract attention.

Ultimately, the decision of whether to go with a Rëzo Cut or a Deva Cut comes down to personal preference and what works best for your hair type. Both cuts are designed to enhance curls and give them a more natural look, but they have different focuses.

If you have tight curls, a Rëzo Cut may be a better option for you as it is specially designed for that hair type. If you have loose curls, a Deva Cut may be a better option for you.

Remember that neither Deva nor Rëzo is precise cuts. They were made for curly-haired people who want to show off their waves, curls, kinks, and coils.

Wrap Up

Both the Rëzo cut and the deva cut are great options for those with curly hair looking for some added definition without sacrificing length.

The Rëzo cut provides movement, texture, and framing while maintaining length, while the Deva cut adds even more meaning and customization by cutting each curl individually.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference—so consult with a hair master stylist before making any decisions! With these two styles as options, you can find something that suits your needs and makes your curls look their best.


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