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Hers Minoxidil Product Review

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Photo of Hers Minoxidil for hair loss

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Hers is a telemedicine company that offers a variety of goods, specializing in hair loss solutions for women. But is their hair loss product, Hers Minoxidil, any good? Does it actually work?

The short answer is yes, and we’ll get into all the details shortly.

Hair loss, or alopecia, is probably the most common hair disorder, and it can have various causes. It is one of the most thoroughly researched and studied topics in hair care or dermatology, yet the underlying cause of hair loss is not clearly understood.

Rediscovering Confidence: A Journey with Hers Minoxidil

It is not fun to lose your hair. It’s embarrassing and it can be really tough to deal with. I watched my daughter lose large clumps of hair, and seeing her cry and feeling helpless was heartbreaking. I’ve shared our story quite extensively on Instagram and it has been a long and painful journey.

Before using Hers minoxidil
Before using Hers minoxidil – Feb. ’22

Before Minoxidil, we sought the help of a dermatologist, tried scalp massages, you name it—we tried it all. When we finally found and tried Hers Minoxidil, it was a breath of fresh air! Not only did her hair start growing back, but it grew back healthy.

We started seeing her edges growing back in about 8 weeks. Side note, you will experience shedding at first, which is scary, but that is part of the process, and it will eventually subside.

I highly recommend Hers Minoxidil for anyone experiencing hair loss. I’m so relieved that we finally found something that WORKS!! Don’t sleep on this product! Side note – I always buy the two set, by the way.

After Hers minoxidil
After Hers minoxidil – April ’22

What is Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a synthetic chemical compound known for its hair regrowth properties.1 It was originally designed to treat severe and recalcitrant hypertension in the 1970s, while clinical studies demonstrated its efficacy against high blood pressure and patterned hair loss.

The chemical compound was designed in the early 1950s whereas its benefits to stimulating hair regrowth were observed as a side-effect in the late 1970s.

Subsequent investigations examined its mechanism of action, and how it stimulates hair growth.

Mechanism of Hair Regrowth by Minoxidil

In the early days, alopecia was considered irreversible and a general understanding was, that it was impossible to regrow lost hair.

However, the clinical study of minoxidil for its anti-hypertensive drug demonstrated the growth of hairs on different body parts. Earlier studies were carried out on rats.

However, subsequent studies on humans also showed a positive impact on hair regrowth.

The exact mechanism of hair regrowth by minoxidil is not fully known. Multiple hypotheses have been put forward.

First, it is believed that minoxidil works via dilation of blood vessels. Its oral administration works as a potassium opener leading to hyper polarization of cell membranes.

This expands the blood vessels and boosts the blood circulation which is a possible explanation for hair regrowth.

An increase in blood circulation means more nutrients and minerals get to the follicles which leads to higher follicular activity resulting in the formation of new hair.2-3

Moreover, in animal studies, topically applied minoxidil demonstrated shortening of the telogen phase. This causes premature entry of resting hair follicles into the anagen phase.

A similar pathway could be a possible mode of action in humans. Minoxidil may also cause prolongation of the anagen phase and increase the hair follicle size.  

Minoxidil might also have various other biological effects on skin and hair follicles including:

  • stimulation of cell proliferation
  • inhibition of collagen synthesis
  • stimulation of vascular endothelial growth factor and prostaglandin synthesis

These factors all can contribute to hair growth.2-3

Hers Minoxidil Solution: A Solution to Regrow Hair

Hers minoxidil

If you’re looking for a hair loss solution, you may have considered using minoxidil. Minoxidil is a popular hair loss treatment that is available without a prescription. It is available in both a liquid and foam form.

Scientific studies have discussed various herbal/plant-sourced ingredients, as well as chemical agents for their role in preventing hair loss or stimulating new hair growth.

New hair growth stimulants and treatments have been developed by a variety of cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, each with its own unique active ingredients aimed to stimulate new hair growth.

Hers offers a 2% solution of minoxidil designed to be applied topically to promote hair regrowth.

The formulation is a simple aqueous-alcoholic solution of minoxidil along with propylene glycol (humectant).

Ingredient listing (INCI): 2% USDP Minoxidil, purified water, alcohol, propylene glycol.

Important Points to Consider

·      Apply only topically on affected hair loss area of head scalp.

·      Don’t use in the case of prior history of skin discomfort, scalp irritation, redness, or itchiness.

·      The formulation contains denatured alcohol which is drying alcohol. It may cause some dryness on the scalp or skin areas where it is applied. As the product is recommended for continuous use for more than 6 months, dryness may become a serious issue. It is strongly recommended to use skin or scalp moisturizer to keep scalp cells hydrated.

·      Minoxidil may not work for everyone. For consumers with a higher degree of hair loss or hair loss with a long history of over 5 years, minoxidil may not work for them.

·      Minoxidil application is also known to induce some serious side effects, which includes skin irritation and redness as well as hair growth on other body parts. It may also cause erectile dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and decreased libido. The consumer is advised to read through the details before starting the minoxidil application and discuss it with your doctor before using.

·      Pregnant ladies should not use minoxidil without their doctor’s advice.


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