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Disclaimer: We all have different moisturizing and moisture retention methods due to the fact that hair is an infinite spectrum. This is only to be a source of reference NOT a one size fits all.

When it comes to hair care, we may have to get technical. According to National Climate Data Center, on average from fall to winter there’s an extreme drop in humidity meaning the air is a lot drier. Also, the temperature is a lot colder and winds are a lot stronger. Combination can be bad news for any hair type mainly because it makes your hair and skin dry out a lot faster.

In the winter, the efforts of moisturizing our hair should not necessarily be increased, but consistent. Depending on where you are located geographically, the weather during winter can be very harsh so if you skip a lot of opportunities to moisturize your hair it can quickly lead to breakage.


If you normally wash/deep condition your hair bi-weekly in the winter months, you can increase it to once a week or if you already wash and deep condition your hair weekly, try adding a hot oil treatment instead. For those of you who are already on top of your cleansing and moisturizing game, make sure to stay consistent and don’t skip a day or how often you usually do it.

How Often Do You Clean Your Hair

A huge part of having healthy moisturized hair has a lot to do with how we clean it. For example, we stop washing it as often and instead layer products on top of products and co-wash not knowing our hair strands are suffocating underneath all that product.

You can’t see this with the naked eye, but as the days go by, even with all of your sealing efforts, moisture or water always finds a way to escape through evaporation, which happens quicker in the winter months.

So what most of us like to do in this situation is layer on more products. Your hair feels really moisturized for a day or so but soon gets super dry again. Now you’re stuck with dry hair that is coated with even more old product, then we repeat this pattern until our dry coated hair eventually breaks off. So rather than layering product after product, wash your hair consistently and add a product to CLEAN moisturized hair, especially during the winter.

Use a Humidifier

One other thing, during the winter months I like to use a humidifier. If your hair struggles a lot with moisture retention, I highly recommend it. The one I use is called Air Innovations. This is a great passive way to inject more moisture into your hair.

A humidifier puts back moisture in the air, which gives many benefits for not only your hair, but skin, health and wood furniture. The moisture creates comfort for you in the winter.

Hydrate from Within

Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. We all know healthy hair starts from within. With all of the dry air your hair is subjected to during the winter, hydrating with products can only do so much.

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