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Table of Contents

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Yesterday I posted in my story that I would start something new and call it, “Problem Solving Hair Tips”. That’s such a long sentence so I’m going to change it to Troubleshooting . This has been by far the most positive amount of responses I’ve ever received by my followers on any topic or poll I’ve done. Many of you voted for me to continue…so I shall!

One of the things I mentioned awhile back to those who were new to this journey was to get a journal.

Why? Because you can always refer to it when you’re experiencing a problem with your hair (I also mention this in my Steps to Beginning Your Healthy Hair Journey guide by the way).

Having a journal is a helpful way to correcting and figuring out your hair woes. 

You should ask yourself questions (like I did the other day when I trying to figure out the clumping issues I had with styling products), to determine the root cause of the problem. I always use a root-cause approach anytime I run into a problem.

This troubleshooting technique is based on the premise that you can solve many problems that you’re having with your hair by addressing them by either eliminating or correcting the potential root cause as opposed to only addressing the symptoms.

With that being said, this is why I wanted to start the problem solving hair tips so you can write it in your journal, or however you keep the information and refer back to it when needed.

Like I said, I’m here to help YOU in anyway that I can. Hope this helps!


I’m just a girl who transformed her severely damaged hair into healthy hair. I adore the simplicity of a simple hair care routine, the richness of diverse textures, and the joy of sharing my journey from the comfort of my space.

My mission? To empower others with the tools to restore, and maintain healthy hair, and celebrate the hair they were born with!

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