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Hey Gorgeous!

Welcome to the Mestiza Muse. I'm Verna, your healthy hair resource and head researcher. I have traveled the path, and understand the journey. Helping people excites me. Here at the Mestiza Muse you will find advice, blogs, and research to help you restore and maintain your precious locks so you can celebrate the hair you were born with. I'm here to inspire and educate my readers one post at a time. So whether you’re new to the hair journey or not, there’s a little something here for everyone.

No shame, no guesswork, and no throwing in the towel. You are not alone. The Mestiza Muse is here to offer you genuine support and guidance in your effort to achieve your ultimate healthy hair goals. Your hair will be your crowning glory.


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Now Writing For Naturally Curly

Verna Meachum is a contributing writer for Naturally Curly, who shares informational research related to all things hair.


If you look on Instagram for “hair oils,” you’ll see a slew of stories touting the alleged benefits of oils.

It seems counter-intuitive: We’ve dedicated our hair regimen to avoiding oily strands. But using oils on our hair has benefits. Oils do not hydrate, however, it softens and lubricates the hair. There’s a lot more to hair than just water!

Click on the images to read how these women incorporate oils into their regimen.

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