When I was 12, as a mixed girly in a European country, I would always be ashamed about my origin, kids would make fun of my hair and my skin colour so I started to try and hide it all.

But as a strike of light, when I turned 17, i began to feel proud of my roots. The only thing was, that where I live there weren’t any products for my hair type, so I would just saturate it with mousses and gels to try and tame it. I would also colour and straighten it.

When I turned 22 I came across an IG page, YOUR Instagram page Verna, you became an inspiration for me and I just thought to myself “why not?!” So I decided to order all natural products online, as there still aren’t any here.. so 4 years ago my curl search began.

It has taken me this long to understand my hair because I was hanging onto length until I understood that it’s necessary to take away the bad to make room for the good.

Thank you Verna, you have made me open my eyes to new options and to loving myself and my natural me.️

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