Nieklys Maduro

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I had been transitioning since 2016 but always ended up straightening my hair. Then, on New Year's eve 2017 I decided I've had enough of not seeing the results I wanted & I stopped straightening my hair.

These pictures were only taken 9 months apart and the difference amazes me. The first one was taken 1/3/18 & the second one was 9/1/19. I'm bringing healthy (sexy) curls back by having a lot of determination & patience.

I deep condition at least once a week always adding products I can find in my kitchen, used to air dry to avoid heat temptation - now I diffuse, I clarify my scalp once a month with ACV, sleep with a pineapple & satin scarf to protect my hair, detangle gently, incorporate oils before and after I wash my hair, but most importantly I listen to what MY hair likes.

I use curly friendly hair products for the most part but also use products with silicone from time to time because my hair responds well to it. The key to achieving your best curls is patience and LISTENING to what your hair is telling you, even if it goes against the rules of the curly community.

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