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So I started this journey of mine in March of 2017. This journey has brought so much positivity in my life. I'm healthier and my hair is healthier. It's never too late to start! I encourage all to embrace their natural hair! It's beautiful and so are you! 

Here are some tips I put together that has helped me along the way.

  1. Have patience! This is the best tip I can give! I've seen some bounce back in months others in years. This is not a race and we are all winners.

  2. Stop the heat! Toss those flat irons! Using heating tools while transitioning will only set you back.

  3. Deep condition! Deep conditioning is So crucial! I believe it's one of the top reasons my hair bounced back. Curly hair needs moisture so don't skip! I say DC 1-2xs a week. Also remember we must balance moisture and protein. So do your protein as needed. Everyone's hair is different but for me this is every 4-6 weeks. In between that I might do a mask with moderate protein. I use my hot head when deep conditioning.

  4. Stop using sulphate and silicones. You don't wanna dry out your hair or prevent moisture from coming in. Some of my favorite curlies use silicones. But they have healthy hair! So Please while transitioning just say no!

  5. Shampoo and clarify as needed and just Co wash the rest of the month.

  6. Air dry!!! But if you're like me and need some volume and your curls coil more with diffusing then go for it. But on Cool setting only! I waited awhile before diffusing with med-cool temps.

  7. Go for the big chop or just cut any straight, stringy, damaged hair a little at a time. Baby steps. I got 2 cuts in 1 year.

  8. When disentangling use your fingers or wide tooth comb to prevent breakage.

  9. If you feel like picking up that flat iron because you're not loving your hair don’t!!!! Just do a protective style like braids or a bun!

  10. Get rid of your cotton towel and get a microfiber towel.

  11. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Less frizz and wrinkles.

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