As most curly haired women do, I was straightening my hair on almost a daily basis since I was 15 years old. I had tried perms, relaxers, Brazilian blowouts, keratin treatments and about everything else I could put in my hair with the promise of slick straight strands. 

My hair was so over processed it was entirely lifeless. I started trying to embrace my natural hair when my daughter started flat ironing her own beautiful curls. I knew I was setting the worst example for her. 

The first six months I had no idea about ingredients, moisture/protein balance or a good styling technique. I would just buy whatever products said curly frizz free hair. Of course they contained all the wrong ingredients like silicones and sulfates which were further damaging my hair. 

I finally learned of curly girl method about six months ago. I jumped head first, reading Lorraine Massey's book, reading all the blogs (including The Mestiza Muse of course) and joining Facebook groups full of so much wonderful info. I had been following some big Instagram names for a while, but hadn't really seen them specifically talk about ingredients and curly girl method. I'd buy some of the products they recommended, without actually knowing why they were good. 

Once I discovered curly girl method and applied it, my hair saw an almost immediate transformation. 

My waves started forming into curls, then my curls started getting healthier, with bounce and shine. I've had to put a lot of work into it, but it's been so worth it.

Best of all, my daughter is now in awe of my hair and hers and has learned how to take good care of it. We've bonded over it and it's such an amazing feeling. I've seen a change in both of us, where we're more accepting and loving of our true selves and her confidence has soared. 

As I started sharing what I was learning in Instagram, women were reaching out to me asking for advice. I'm humbled that I can help others just with what I've learned and through seeing the potential that our hair really has. I'm an absolute feminist and I love that this is a way I can help women redefine beauty to our more authentic selves! 

The curly community is an amazing place, because we all empathize with the struggle and are happy for each other's successes!!!

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