“When I began strictly embracing my natural hair in 2016 (prior to that I was noncommittal – I didn’t read labels, I used products with very drying alcohols, and I still straightened my hair consistently) the big craze was coconut oil. Several times I slathered my hair in coconut oil only to find my hair flat, dull and weighed down. So, I self-diagnosed that my hair didn’t like oil. But, shortly thereafter I started my own curly hair page on IG to track my journey, and that’s when I learned about scalp massages. I had also become pregnant with baby #4 around this time and was concerned with a likely recurrence of post-partum hair loss. Previously I had lost significant hair and it continued while I breastfed my first 3 children; my hair often felt and looked dull and thin.

So, all this talk about scalp massages caught my attention and I was interested in testing new oils out to see how my hair might respond. By this time I had also learned that low porosity wavy hair can be challenging in that it can get weighed down easily. So although skeptical, I decided to check out Righteous Roots Oil which advertises as a hair growth serum. As a busy working mom I was looking for something already blended and ready to use. At this point I had also educated myself that I did not need to slather the length of my hair in oil but focus on my scalp. So, I made my very first purchase of RR oil.  I started out with just a once per week scalp massage followed by a deep treatment and clarifying wash. I will never forget my first results. My hair was so shiny and felt so good!

So, basically from there I started using the RR oil blend whenever my hair felt dry and lacking. Sometimes 3x/week or more, sometimes once a week. I sometimes get really bad tension headaches and found the scalp massages to also help relieve those, so they became a more frequent part of my evening routine than I initially expected. And I realized that as long as I’m focusing on my scalp, I can apply oil as often as I want. I also don’t need to wash it out via clarifying or a strong shampoo. I can cowash and my scalp is totally fine. My scalp soaks up the oil and does not weigh down my roots.

Most importantly, I’m now one year post-partum and have not had any issues with post-partum hair loss!!!! I wish I had understood the benefits of scalp massages many years ago because the amount of hair I lost with my first 3 children was incredible! I often wondered how I had any hair on my head at all! I continue to do scalp massages 1-3x/week and also put a couple drops of oil in my deep conditioning treatments after dying my hair for added moisture benefits.

I also recently began using RR oil to scrunch out the crunch of my gel cast which brings me to another point about oil for natural hair; I am a daily “washer” – I completely wet my hair every day in the shower and either cowash, low poo, no poo or clarify depending on the day. Many don’t believe I do this because my hair is in such a healthy state. And we often strive to go as many days as we can without washing to preserve the health of our hair. However, I found that by doing scalp massages regularly with oil, I am able to maintain proper balance in my scalp and hair.”

Ali Jazilah