domi hair oils story.jpg

My use of oils predates my discovery of natural curly hair care. I had read of some people swearing by it and since mine was coloured and feeling very dry I incorporated weekly warm oil treatments (also melted Shea butter treatments) on my hair before shampooing out.

I would notice my hair would be soft but very flat, especially on my crown area. This was before I knew I had wavy texture in my hair so nothing seemed off to me. During my curly hair care reading however, I saw a few stylists recommend absolutely no oils whatsoever since it weighs the hair down. I stopped my use of oils on my lengths completely and noticed a big improvement in my hair pattern and volume.

However, after being totally convinced by many, many testimonials I decided to reintroduce oils in my routine in the form of scalp massages with Righteous Roots. I have noticed that my hair grows faster and thicker than before. I believe people like Verna and Spisha when they credit oil treatments. I think when they’re misused (especially on fine hair types like mine) they can appear to do no favours. Experimenting, getting the dose correct and choosing the right medium for YOUR hair is what I believe makes the difference (eg, as a prepoo, scalp massage, added to a deep conditioner, etc).

Ali Jazilah