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Does your hair need protein, or is too much protein a problem? Find out the role of proteins in haircare and what to look for on the ingredients list.

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Curl Care

All curls are not the same and there is not one method that will work for every curly type. Deciding on which advice (and/or technique) you should try, depends on your personal preference, but most importantly, on your curls. Always remember, let your hair be your guide!

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During your healthy hair journey, there will be obstacles that you will encounter and will want to correct; i.e. dry hair, breakage, and product build-up, just to name a few. Using a root cause approach may help to correct the issues that you identify. This troubleshooting technique helps you to solve many problems that you’re having with your hair by either addressing, eliminating, or correcting the potential root cause as opposed to only addressing the symptoms.

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Product Reviews

Product-centered content that dives in depth to both the benefits and drawbacks of specific products. We'll shed light on various products, and represent a neutral, unbiased perspective.

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hello there.

I’m verna,
YOUR Curly-Haired FRIEND

 Welcome to our hub!

A few years ago, tired of the cycle of her own hair breakage and damage, exhausted by the dependence on hair extensions and frustrated by the limitations of her weakened hair structure, she had an epiphany. One that came on the heels of her beloved mother’s passing.

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DIY Protein Hair Smoothies

THE protein hair smoothie recipes Must have

Everyone has their own DIY mask of choice when it comes to treating your hair for damage, moisture, etc. I worked with my hair scientist friend to come up with 5 great recipes that actually work!

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     Ever listened to someone talk about their hair and thought ‘Oh, someone else has been through that, too? I thought it was just me!’ Do you have a moving or powerful story about your healthy hair journey experience? We want to hear it! We are looking for you to share your stories publicly. We use stories to talk about real issues and real lives. Complete the form below to tell us how your heathy hair journey has affected your life. What has been challenging? What has been helpful to you, etc.? For a chance to be featured, submit your story below.



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