Understanding pH Balance and Hair pt. 3

This is just a tidbit on ways to damage hair with pH. To understand more about pH, see parts 1 and 2.

There are 3 ways to damage hair with pH:

  1. Using products that are too acidic outside the safe zone (3-8) which can scar your hair's cuticle layers, making them hard, not resilient and breaks easily.

  2. Using products that are too alkaline. This lifts your hair's cuticles and unravels it's structure. It also increases the hair fiber surface therefore increasing friction between the fibers. May cause cuticle damage and breakage.

  3. Using products that put your hair through dramatic pH swings. A pH swing is when you use a product that is really alkaline which lift the cuticles and then attempt to close them back up with a product that is really acidic. This type of thing only works when both products are within the safe zone (3-8) not outside.

Overall the further away you go from the safe zone on both sides of the spectrum, the more dramatic the damage is. But we all know damage to our hair is inevitable, what matters is how harsh or intense the damage was, how often you damage it and what counter actions you take in your regimen to preserve your hair.

Source: International Journal of Trichology. Green Beauty.

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