Shea Moisture African Water Mint & Ginger Shampoo

I've been exclusively using the @sheamoisture jbco for a long time. And this is a new fave! This feels sooooo good on the scalp and is very gentle on the hair. See ingredients below.

I did not list the 5th ingredient (Fragrance, an essential oil blend) or the 6th ingredient (Shea butter) because we're all pretty much familiar with them and their functions. 

This formula has:

African water mint •Activated charcoal (absorbs oil and impurities) •Ginger extract (loaded with antioxidants) and •Opuntia extracts (high antioxidant properties, aka the "Aloe" of the Mediterranean). These help remove impurities and build up while rehydrating and soothing the hair and scalp. 

Just for your reference: if you're looking for a mild shampoo, look for isethionate or glucoside as the first ingredient after water. Look for mild boosters like sulfosuccinates, sultaines, amphodiacetates and avoid anything with harsh sulfate or sulfonate.