Deva Curl Deep Sea Repair

My honest reaction to this new Deva Curl Deep Sea Repair debuting was like, "Yeah right". Don't judge me, lol. Seriously though. I haven't seen any reviews from any non-Deva Curl Ambassadors so I wondered if the hype was real. I watched the different videos they advertised of each curl type on how to apply it, but I didn't see any "dramatic" results. Am I supposed to? Not necessarily. 

It is a strengthening mask and usually when you see the word "strengthening" on the label it means it has protein. But, I would categorize this product more as a "treatment" rather than a mask because it's more concentrated and only needs to be left on for a short period of time. It contains a combination of hydrolyzed protein and amino acids. If you have damaged, chemically treated hair, or your hair needs strength, then this is for you. Damaged hair appreciates a broad range of proteins and amino acids which this product has to fill in the gaps/holes of damaged cuticles, moisturize and bond to the hair. .

The base of this product contains oils and fatty alcohols (cetyl & cetearyl) and creamy conditioning ingredients, which often create flexibility and may prevent water loss. But, protein grabs water and hangs onto it. Protein doesn't release water quickly either, which means hair doesn't get dehydrated as easily. Which leads to hair being well hydrated, shinier, less frizzy and more flexible.

I left the treatment on freshly shampooed hair for 20 mins. I intensified the effect by using my thermal cap. Note: you can make the effects of any protein containing product less intense when you leave it in for less time and with no heat. After I rinsed the treatment thoroughly, I immediately felt a difference in my hair. My hair felt like it went to a spa for a special treatment. I honestly did not want to like it because of the price, lol but I have to admit that I love it. My hair felt amazing. The price is steep at $36.