Scalp Scrub

An essential part of any skincare regime is exfoliating. This process sometimes uses chemicals or particles to lift dead skin from the surface to reveal a fresh new layer. So if this is important for the skin on the face and body, is it necessary for the scalp as well? 

In most cases, a dry flaky scalp is not just that and one of a number of different conditions ranging from dandruff to seborrhoeic dermatitis or more. Some of these are easily solved while others will require medical intervention for the symptoms to subside.

The scalp is where new hairs first experience life outside of the follicle, so ensuring that this area is clean and healthy will help each hair to go on to grow stronger and longer, whatever your hair type or texture. "Your scalp is a living, breathing ecosystem on top of your head, full of blood vessels, nerve endings and millions of skin cells. Follicles need to be clear, not blocked, so if you remove dead skin cells, then the unobstructed hair follicles will produce healthier hair. Being the environment from which hair grows, it is here where the optimization of strands begins. A healthy scalp is vital to hair growth, and a healthy scalp is a clean scalp.”(Kingsley/Trichologist)

When there is a buildup of excess skin or oil on the scalp, most trichologists will use a keratolytic which aims to break down these cells or products and can could be in the form of a shampoo, ointment or salve.

It seems to be counter-productive to use any products that will be harsh on the skin or surrounding hair shaft. The scalp has a very delicate environment and is quickly imbalanced. If you have a sensitive scalp it’s best to proceed with caution. Determining the type of exfoliation for your scalp depends on your personal preference.

In general, trichologists would never suggest that you use anything abrasive or scrub on the scalp as it may cause friction damage and cause micro tears in the hair shaft.

I recently tried the @raw_kyn scalp scrub and let me tell you, my scalp felt so awesome afterwards. It was the very first time using a scalp scrub of any kind. I could tell a difference right away. My scalp felt stimulated and clean, if that even makes sense. More details about the Rawkyn scrub in the next post.

If you are worried about chronic dryness or any other issues, speak to a professional.

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