Rawkyn Vanilla Bean

I’ve been listing at least the top 6-10 ingredients for over a year now in order to help you better understand what an ingredient is along with its function. See grid below.

This product does contain Isopropyl alcohol near the end of the ingredients, but before you gasp and turn away. Let me explain. More than likely it’s added in order to help oil and water mix and/or to help dissolve other ingredients. Being that it’s near the end of the ingredients list, The level is most likely .75% or less so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of damaging your hair.

There are a host of websites proposing and condemning certain ingredients in hair products and Scientists spend a lot of time and money investigating the formulation of products. For example the imaging instrument to 'see' if a product is on the surface of hair or within the hair costs upwards of several million dollars initially and then tens of thousands to maintain on a yearly basis.⁣

I do not wish to trivialize the work of these scientists by suggesting only one ingredient is good. Formulation means people are paid to mix the ingredients, decide what size is suitable, which emulsion works best, which ingredients work well together etc. Good products will also change formulations as they recognize that products can always get better! 

I’ve had nothing but great results with this product, it’s one of my fave dc. I’ve never experienced dryness, it by scalp, greasiness, etc. whatsoever. This is my honest review and I hope you will give it a try. If not, I totally understand. By the way, this product does contain 3 different proteins. I will discuss that at a later time. Hope this blog was beneficial to you!