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I first learned of @onlycurls from @letts_curls and @goldicurls. I’ve heard them rave about these products and I always loved their results so I wanted to give these products a try.

I tested these products on my hair for a month so that I could get a feel on how to best apply them and to see if my hair would like them. I’ve already posted my results. Scroll down my page if you haven’t already seen it. As usual, I also attached the first few ingredients of both products. I did not include water or fragrance because we already know what they are.

There are no sulfates, silicones, parabens, mineral oil, or parrafin. No animal testing. They are CG Friendly. 100% Vegan and made in the UK.

My favorite of the two products is the gel. It’s very light and non sticky. It’s not a thick gel. The consistency is slightly similar to the Ouidad gel. It contains one protein (hydrolyzed quinoa) almost best the end of the ingredients. It gave my hair shine and a very light hold. If you need hold then I suggest pairing it with another gel.

The Curl Creme is a hydrating cream. It is not a thick consistency, it’s just about the same as the gel...just s touch thicker. There are no proteins in this creme by the way. I really believe this is a great product for fine and thin hair, which should help with volume and body. My preference is to have thicker strands although I don’t mind having thinner strands. I can make this product work for my hair by making sure I first use a deep conditioning treatment with protein.

Have you tried Only Curls? How did you like them?

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