Skintasy Bamboo Scrub

Oh my lort peoples, listen up. I’m just going to dive right in and tell you how I really feel about @skintasy’s scrub. This is the BEST facial scrub I've ever used! Seriously!

I’ve tried many scrubs in my life and settled on Kate Somerville as my go to exfoliating treatment. It really is a great scrub, however because my eczema on my face flares up sometimes, it can be irritating. But with Skintasy’s scrub I don’t have that issue. The first time I used it I poured too much out so I used the excess on my hands and neck and it worked good on those areas

Let me give a brief description. As always, I listed and described the first 6 ingredients. See grid above. It’s infused with micro silver which has anti-bacterial properties to help troubled skin. The scrub is rounded which helps exfoliate the skin instantly! You will notice a difference after the first use. Your skin will feel smooth, clean, bright because the dead skin cells have been removed & hydrated. I’m making this my staple from now. 

You HAVE to try it! I’m serious!!! But before you buy it, check out my review on their moisturizer in my next post.