Hot Heads Thermal Hair Care Cap

I wanted to do an updated review on the thermal hair care cap, especially for my newbies.

The thermal cap is filled with renewable flax seed which generates heat when warmed in the microwave for a couple of minutes making it reusable and environmentally friendly. It will produce up to 45 minutes of gentle, moist heat.

Depending on your microwave you should be getting enough heat for a 20-45 minute treatment and you can always re-heat the cap for longer treatments.

What I love about the thermal cap is that it does not leak. And
the best part is that there is no need to plug it in, which means you’re free to roam around and multitask, basically doing whatever you need to do while deep conditioning your hair.
While the steamer has its benefits the thermal cap is a great alternative.

I’ve had my cap for two years and it’s still going strong. It’s money well spent. If you haven’t tried one you have a chance now by entering my giveaway.

Check out the benefits below.

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