Jane Carter Solution: Curls to Go

I wanted to try these products after seeing @mamasitta rave about them in her YouTube video. I feel like there's always a learning curve when trying new products.

The first time I tried this combo I used the Melt into Moisture mask as my deep conditioning treatment. I was hesitant to use the Curls to Go afterwards because they are protein free products & the Melt into Moisture mask is not a heavy protein filled product so I knew I would need to add some protein filled styling products in my routine then (hindsight's 20/20), but I proceeded to give these new products a try anyway. My results were not so good....I had some definition, but a lot of frizz. (Typical when I don't have protein in my routine). Was it the product's fault? Nope. I knew immediately to try it differently the next time which is what I did yesterday. 

This time around I used the Deep Sea Repair as my "protein treatment". Then used the Curls to Go combo again. And it made all the difference in the world with how my curls turned out. Much more definition and less frizz. I added Bounce Curl in the end for more hold & for extra protein. Perfection!

What's great about these products is that they are cg friendly and as I mentioned above they have zero protein. (Cheers roaring from the protein sensitive club). 


I listed the top 6 ingredients on each product above. Prices will vary depending on where you buy them. Untangle Me Weightless Leave in Conditioner costs $10.99. It smells fantastic, has a little fruity scent. It also has great slip and really hydrated my hair.

The Curl Cocktail costs $14.59. It's a thick, creamy (but not dense, if that makes sense) and very moisturizing as well. It also has great slip. A little goes a long way. No greasy or oily residue. You can easily skip the Untangle Me leave in conditioner and use this with a gel. It made my hair feel smooth and luscious.

Coiling All Curls costs $10.99. I don't know how to describe of this product, so just know that it smells great. This delivers moisture and shine. It's not sticky whatsoever as you would expect with gels. It's neither a loose type of gel like the Ouidad nor is it a thicker type of gel like the Eco Styler gel..it's the consistency between the both of these. If you're a heavy gel user, I suggest adding another gel after this one.

Just to give you a head's up, the co-wash does contain silicone. There's more products to this line, but I'm not sure of what's in the ingredients. I'll let you know if I try them.