Bouncecurl Clump & Define Cream

Ah, the long-awaited curl cream from Bouncecurl is finally here! As a fan of all of their products, I was not surprised that this product met and exceeded my expectations.

As always, I’ve included a brief description of the first few ingredients. One of the first things I like to do when I get a product is smell it, don’t you? OMG, the scent is 🤤. I cannot put it into words except that it’s the BEST smelling product I’ve ever used. I literally kept smelling my hair all day. Here’s a better description of the scent from their website:

Addictive creamy aroma with subtle notes of exotic fruits, balanced with a lush and luxurious blend of white jasmine and magnolia flowers, rounded with sandalwood and vanilla.

The first time I used this cream I tried it on its own. One of the immediate difference I noticed was the feel of my hair after it fully dried. I wish you could reach out and touch my hair—it feels silky smooth. I cannot say that about every other product I’ve tried so this is one of the benefits that makes it stand out on its own. Also, you will not get that product-y, heavy feel, neither will your hair feel greasy or oily.

This cream will envelop your curls and give it long lasting moisture. It is extremely concentrated so you only need to use a small amount.

I know some speak against oils and shea butter in products but it all comes down to the formulation. All products aren’t created equal. It’s unfortunate that Shea butter has gotten such a bad rep in hair products, but what’s worse is bad info. If you know Shea butter doesn’t work well for your hair, that’s ok- you know your hair best, but spreading misinformation that it’s bad for hair in general is not correct.

Shea Butter provides moisture by providing fatty acids, like stearic acid, oleic acid, and vitamins that nourish and restore dry hair. Yes, it’s true that Shea butter is not a hydrating ingredient because it doesn’t contain water, but it is a natural sealant which helps hair HOLD in moisture when blended with other botanicals and hydrating ingredients.

If you've been searching for a protein free, multi-purpose leave-in cream that will lightly hold, soften, strengthen, restore elasticity while moisturizing, making your hair feel silky and shiny...THIS IS IT.

Protein free? Yes

Curly girl friendly? Yes

Vegan? Yes

Cost: $23.99

Discount code: muse (all lower case letters)