Founder’s Bio & Profile

They say a woman’s hair is her crown and Verna Meachum, The Mestiza Muse, lives to encourage women to embrace the magnificence of their natural hair.

A few years ago, tired of the cycle of her own hair breakage and damage, exhausted by the dependence on hair extensions and frustrated by the limitations of her weakened hair structure, she had an epiphany. One that came on the heels of her beloved mother’s passing.

According to Verna, after years of mistreating her hair with heat and chemicals, it was crying out for her to stop destroying it. The combination of Verna’s frustration and personal loss led her to explore the restoration of her hair - in essence to find herself while celebrating her heritage and the natural beauty that she’d inherited from her parents.

Verna took the first steps towards rehabilitating her hair and paying homage to her ethnic Filipino and American background by vowing to leave all her heat styling tools and chemicals behind and embark on a journey of self discovery and hair wellness.

In under a year and to Verna’s surprise, the bouncy, healthy natural curl of her hair was restored and today, her hair is strong, thick and full - and truly her crown.

Her hair success has not gone unheeded. Verna gives props to social media influencer and hair mentor, @honeyblongegigi who played a major role with helping her get started in her hair journey. Verna says that, "It's always polite to show respect and to return thanks to those who helped you along the way, and to give credit where credit is due. I'll never ever forget my humble beginnings. I will always be grateful to Gina". Over time, Verna's hair safari began to get noticed online and in just a short while, her Instagram page had 20,000+ followers. People were knocking down her door asking for advice on how they too could restore their natural hair texture. This prompted Verna to research as much as she could about natural hair, becoming an adviser and blogger helping others to achieve their own healthy hair goals.

Verna’s absolute dedication to educating others about the beauty of their natural hair is evident in her generous Instagram posts where she shares her insights and knowledge freely with her fans and followers.

Verna has sound business acumen and is qualified with a BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) degree majoring in Supply Chain Management and a minor in Marketing and Retailing. She has established The Mestiza Muse brand ~ an online platform and hub ~ with a view to teach others how to maintain their precious locks and celebrate the natural beauty and hair they were born with.

The Mestiza Muse Brand Story

Inspired by a passion for natural hair and curls as well as her own journey to restoring her natural locks, hair adviser and social media influencer, Verna Meachum has created The Mestiza Muse, a social brand and online platform that aims to empower others with the tools to restore, maintain and celebrate the hair they were born with.

The heart and soul of Verna’s brand was inspired by her mother who has since passed. The logo represents the stunning butterfly that flew around Verna and her sisters when they buried their beloved mother in the Philippines, while singing their mother’s favorite Tagalog (Filipino) song, “Anak" (meaning ‘child’). This became a sign to the trio that their mother truly was with them. The pink in the brand logo is a further ode to her mother’s favorite color. Verna’s purpose is to leave a legacy in her mother’s honor in the establishment of The Mestiza Muse. Lastly, Verna gives praise and honor to her father who helped bring this site to fruition. 

Verna is deeply passionate about changing the way people feel about natural curly hair. Her advice, already reaching over 20K+ followers on Instagram, is designed to leave men and women with a sense of hair confidence, courage and poise.

Verna’s dream is to use her influence to make a huge impact in the natural hair community by guiding people towards healthy hair. She wants men, women, boys and girls to reject the pressure that straight hair is more "beautiful" and embrace what they were born with. The ultimate aim of her blogs and posts is to urge her readers and followers to be beautiful, be natural and be themselves, hair, body and soul. website is an online hub housing all her advice and blogs. Her entrance into the market for natural hair is well timed as the sector booms with many fans yet with the avenue for consumers to find solid natural hair advice. To that end, The Mestiza Muse brand will be cover a wide variety of topics on hair including care and maintenance. The Mestiza Muse is the go to brand for those looking to go natural and celebrate the beauty and hair they were born with by learning how to maintain their precious locks from an advocate who truly cares and understands their journey. Single Tagline: The Mestiza Muse - Be eautiful. Be Natural. Be YOU!