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They say a woman’s hair is her crown and Verna Meachum, The Mestiza Muse, lives to encourage women to embrace the magnificence of their natural hair.

A few years ago, tired of the cycle of her own hair breakage and damage, exhausted by the dependence on hair extensions and frustrated by the limitations of her weakened hair structure, she had an epiphany. One that came on the heels of her beloved mother’s passing.

According to Verna, after years of mistreating her hair with heat and chemicals, it was crying out for her to stop destroying it. The combination of Verna’s frustration and personal loss led her to explore the restoration of her hair - in essence to find herself while celebrating her heritage and the natural beauty that she’d inherited from her parents.

Verna took the steps towards rehabilitating her hair and paying homage to her ethnic Filipino and American background by vowing to leave all her heat styling tools and chemicals behind and embark on a journey of self discovery and hair wellness.

In under a year and to Verna’s surprise, the bouncy, healthy natural curl of her hair was restored and today, her hair is strong, thick and full - and truly her crown.

Verna's hair safari began to get noticed online and in just a short while, her Instagram page had 20,000+ followers. People were knocking down her door asking for advice on how they too could restore their natural hair texture. This prompted Verna to research as much as she could about natural hair, becoming an adviser and blogger helping others to achieve their own healthy hair goals.


Verna’s absolute dedication to educating others about the beauty of their natural hair is evident in her generous Instagram posts where she shares her insights and knowledge freely with her fans and followers. 


the founder


Verna brings a marketing background to the world of social media and is an educator with big dreams. 

Verna has sound business acumen and is qualified with a BSBA  degree majoring in Supply Chain Management and a minor in Marketing and Retailing. She has established The Mestiza Muse brand ~ an online platform and hub ~ with a view to teach others how to maintain their precious locks and celebrate the natural beauty and hair they were born with.

The Mestiza Muse tagline:
Be Beautiful. Be Natural. Be YOU!




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